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With the help of technology, fraudsters’ arsenal has become more sophisticated over the years. Fortunately, so have the tools of fraud fighters. SEON has risen to rank among the most successful Hungarian startups by providing fraud prevention solutions to a wide range of businesses. Tamas Kadar, co-founder and CEO of the company, explained to us what underlying dangers digitisation brings, and how leveraging Big Data can help us take on a new generation of fraudsters.
Any business or individual with an interest in disruptive trends will have to watch closely the development of the AI in the months and years ahead. If the Serbian government, and many other stakeholders around the world, is correct then this industry will revolutionise cross-sector practice and perhaps even be a major driver of global growth.
Historically, payables, receivables and reporting require a significant amount of time to manually perform predictable and routinized processes, managing exceptions and disputes, and identifying risks. Artificial Intelligence or AI, can enhance the effectiveness of these tasks while greatly increasing efficiency by reducing time demands.


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