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  • Active cyber attacks versus passive cyber attack
    An active cyber attack is perpetrated by an intentional threat source that attempts to alter a system, its resources, its data, or its operations. In contrast, a passive cyber attack infiltrates purely in order to make use or data or learn information.
  • Acumen Fund
    Acumen  is a $64 million charitable fund which raises charitable donations to invest into companies, leaders, and ideas who tackle poverty in developing countries. The fund operates like a venture capital fund for the poor, supported by a global community of philanthropists willing to take a(...)
  • altcoin
    Altcoins are alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin. Examples of altcoins include ripple, zcash, monero and dash.Altcoins can differ from Bitcoin in a number of ways. Some have a different economic model or a different coin-distribution method, like altcoins that were given away to all(...)
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  • Basel
    Basel is a country, but Basel III is an international regulatory framework for banks developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in response to the 2008 financial crisis. In law as of December 7, 2017, Basel III aims to strengthen the regulation, supervision and risk management in banks.
  • Big data mining
    Big Data Mining The task of extracting useful and valuable information from massive datasets. Mining is perceived as useful because with machine learning and algorithms one can not only detect patterns, and therefore deducible knowledge. In addition to patterns, data mining can detect other(...)
  • Billtecta
    Learn more.
    Blockchain event. For more details visit their website. 
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  • challenger bank
    A challenger or neobank is the term used to define a new firm which offers alternative banking services to traditional institutions.The rise of challenger banks began in 2013, after the FCA loosened laws and requirements needed for organisations to open banking establishments. 
  • Classification
    ClassificationClassification is a supervised learning technique which requires prior knowledge of the groups involved. A dataset with correctly labelled or classified data is used as a starting block, then divided into a training set which enables analysts to verify the authenticity and of(...)
  • Clickstream logs
     Clickstream logs are the recording of an Internet user’s path taken as they visit various websites. Software is available to allow companies to record the clickstreams of visitors on their own websites for marketing purposes. Clickstream software is also used to monitor staff behaviour(...)
  • Clustering
    ClusteringBased on artificial intelligence algorithms, clusteringmethods can be used to detect anomalies in customer purchasing behaviour.Clusters are identified electronically using an iterative computer programs and grouped thematically. When incoming data does not fit in an(...)
  • Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review
    The Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review, or CCAR, is a US regulatory framework which evaluates the capital planning processes and capital adequacy of the largest U.S.-based bank holding companies, including the firms' planned capital actions, such as dividend payments and share buybacks.(...)
  • Cookie
    CookieWhen a visitor makes a first visit to a website, a cookie, which is a small text file composed of a website identifier and a user identifier is sent to the computer. Each time the same visitor visits the corresponding website, the cookie sends a message to the website to keep record(...)
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  • Decision Tree
    Decision TreeA diagram which uses dichotomy to informally detect credit card fraud in big data.
  • digital foreign exchange
    A digital currency exchange (DCE), also known as a crypto exchange, is a marketplace which allows for the purchasing, exchanging and selling of electronic currency as a legal tender. Digital currency exchanges occur online, though firms may have physical offices. To read more about digital(...)
  • Distributed ledger technology
    Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is one innovation that has been cited as a means of transforming payment, clearing, and settlement (PCS) processes, including how funds are transferred and how securities, commodities, and derivatives are cleared and settled.Distributed(...)
  • Dodd-Frank
    The Dodd-Frank is the abbreviation for the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (signed into United States federal law in 2010 Created in response to the 2008 financial crisis, the act brings changes to  financial regulation to federal financial regulatory agencies and(...)
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  • e-Transformation
    The e-Transformation Turkey Project was launched in 2011 as part of Turkey’s commitment to join the European Union and, in particular, to leverage Turkey’s potential to become an important player in the global arena. In the scope of the objective declared above, new Telecommunication law,(...)
  • EFL
    The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab is the first pioneered psychometric credit scoring through research at the Harvard Center for International Development. EFL provides credit-scoring technology for banks in emerging markets.EFL's partners have lent over $1.5 billion USD using EFL's(...)
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  • fintech
    Financial technology (FinTech or fintech) is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.[1] The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing services[2] and cryptocurrency are examples of technologies(...)
  • fintech sandbox
    A FinTech sandbox or an application program interface (API) sandbox is a safe environment where innovators can safely test products in an environment which will not enfringe on any regulatory bodies.  This enables banks and FinTech players to experiment with innovative financial products(...)
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  • GDPR
    GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. For more information, head to the EU GDPR Information Portal.
  • Grameen Foundation
      Founded in 1997 and inspired by the work of Nobel Laureate and founder of Grameen Brank Professor Muhammad Yunus, the Grameen Foundation is a non-profit which leverages its  network of microfinance institutions in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East to extend microfinance(...)
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  • ‘How Financial Institutions and Fintechs Are Partnering for Inclusion: Lessons from the Frontlines’
    This report by the Centre of Financial Inclusion details how the relationship between fintechs and banks has evolved from competitors to potential partners. To read more, click here.
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  • ICO
     ICO, which stands for "initial coin offering" and is coined from IPO,  is a new digital method for raising financial resources. Using an ICO, individual or company can crowdfund any project or become an investor. Every ICO has two mandatory attributes – issuance of a fixed amount of the(...)
  • ICO token
    A token or 'coin' is a cryptocurrency unit issued during an ICO. Buying certain amount of tokens allows the investors to crowdfund the project and ICO holders to raise funds. Every ICO issues a fixed amount of tokens/coins meant to be used as a potential source of profit once it goes on(...)
  • iZettle
    Payment platform for small businesses.
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  • King
    King, is a social games development company known for being one of the most successful freemium users.King was acquired by Activision Blizzard in 2016 for 45.9 billion. 
  • Klarna
    Digital Swedish bank
  • KYC
    KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. In banking, it is a process by which banks obtain information about the identity and address of the customers. This process helps to ensure that banks' services are not misused.
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  • LN
    A technology thought to be the solution to Bitcoin’s scalability problem. Read more about it here.
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  • MiFID
    The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive is the EU legislation that regulates firms who provide services to clients linked to ‘financial instruments’, such as shares, bonds, units in collective investment schemes and derivatives. It also affects the venues where those instruments are traded.
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  • NEC Capital
    The NEC Capital is a Japanese venture capitalist fund specialised in seed and early investments.
  • Normalisation
    A process which involves reducing data duplication to a minimum, thereby reducing storage requirements. This is an important aspect of relational database which can allow for speedier queries and an increase in the performance of databases (in comparison to traditional databases).
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  • e-payment
    E-payment or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the  acceptance of electronic  payment.E-payments were first available via bank transfers, but over the years credit cards have overtaken and become the most used payment format for e-commerce transactions. Increased security measures(...)
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  • peer-to-peer lending
    Peer-to-peer lending, also known as P2P, are marketplaces which bring together people or businesses that which to lend money to those that want a loan, thereby creating a  space for money loaning which does not require banks. 
  • peer-to-peer lending
    Peer-to-peer lending, also known as social lending or crowdlending, is a new and very popular method of debt financing which allows individuals and businesses alike to lend and borrow money without going through banks or an official financial institution. Its removal of banks from the lending(...)
  • Penetration testing
    An evaluation activity whereby assessors search for vulnerabilities in a system and seek to penetrate it.
  • Private key
    A confidential cryptographic key which is used to enable the operation of an asymmetric (public key) cryptographic algorithm.
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    RDBMS, which stands for relationship database management system, is used to create, maintain, access and manipulate data. The first step of creating one is to design the database schema, which is achievable once the data fields have been determined, and the relationships between them have been(...)
  • Red team
    red team is an independent group that challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness by assuming an attacker’s role. This is often done by attempting to hack or penetrate the organization’s security.
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  • sandbox
    In the computer science world, a sandbox is a closed testing environment designed for experimenting safely with web or software projects.In the fintech world, it refers to regulatory testing grounds for new business models that are not protected by current regulation, or supervised by(...)
  • Security Program Management
    Cybersecurity work where a person:manages information security (e.g., information security) implications within the organization, specific program, or other area of responsibility, to include strategic, personnel, infrastructure, policy enforcement, emergency planning, security awareness, and(...)
  • Situational awareness
    Comprehending information about the current and developing security posture and risks, based on information gathered, observation and analysis, and knowledge or experience.In cybersecurity, comprehending the current status and security posture with respect to availability, confidentiality,(...)
  • Streaming Analytics
    Streaming Analytics is a fairly new area of research which hopes to bypass the efficiency of traditional statistical and data processing methods in order to cope with the rising levels of big data. 
  • Structured versus unstructured data
    The majority of structured data is developed on the Web.Structured data can be generated by hand in the form of notes or contents from filing cabinets, but will invariably be stored electronically into spreadsheets and databases. For the most part, structured data refers to information(...)
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  • Tokyo Commodities Exchange
    Tokyo Commodities Exchange , also known as TOCOM, is not only Japan’s primary commodity exchange; it is one of the most important commodity exchanges in the world.