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About Disruption Banking


In a highly disruptive global marketplace, Digital StartUp presents:

#DisruptionBanking – Publishing disruptive content since May 2018. Bringing news about the Cloud, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to the global Banking and Fintech StartUp communities.

We cover stories about Technology successes in Banking and Fintech from the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Europe, Australia, Israel, India and many other parts of the world.

Data is the key challenge of our times with Regulators, Central Banks and Governments globally all involved in deciding how the future digital landscape will look.

We regularly cover relevant stories about the biggest stories affecting our Data.


The first issue of DisruptionBanking was published in May 2018 followed by several other issues over the course of 2018 and 2019. With the new challenges faced globally in the post-COVID era we now dedicate more effort on posting high content Articles about the freshest news multiple times each week on our site.

Articles on the DisruptionBanking site cover stories about Technology in Banking, Regulators, Cloud Providers, Futurism, Sustainability and many other Current News topics.

Video content is posted on the DisruptionBanking site as #DisruptionChat – where some of the top Tech companies and StartUps talk about their successes with Blockchain, Arifiical Intelligence, Quantum Computing and much more.


DisruptionBanking has long running relationships with some of the biggest events in the Banking and Fintech space from the UK and the US, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, Israel and more…

The first event organized by DisruptionBanking was in June 2018 followed by further events throughout 2019. All of our events are related to Cybersecurity, AI, StartUp stories, Regulations, Blockchain and Tech in Banking.

Our editorial teams are regularly involved with Banking and StartUp events.

We hope to host events again in the post-COVID era.

if you are interested in hosting an event or a virtual interview with DisruptionBanking then please contact us using the form below.


Our Editorial team combines high quality content creation with a large network of contacts in some of the largest institutions and companies across the world. They regularly speak directly with the companies they write about and ensure that our content is correct and where necessary, pre-authorized before publishing.

We encourage contacts from other journalists and content creators in the Investment Banking and Quantitative Modelling space in order to add further dimensions to our content. We welcome both one-off and long-term contributions.

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