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August, 2023 – London

DisruptionBanking, a publication based out of Level39, Canary Wharf, London, and owned by Digital Startup Ltd, has added to its service portfolio with press release creation and distribution.

The editorial team who curate content for DisruptionBanking endeavor to support the tech, fintech, digital assets, and banking specific space are behind this initiative. Maintaining a strong ecosystem is essential, DisruptionBanking now offers the opportunity to raise the visibility of your event, announcement or other news about your startup or financial institution. Allowing easier access and interaction with the wider ecosystem.

DisruptionBanking has a dedicated place for press releases: Press Release • Disruption Banking. Content in this category is shared on social media. It includes content from our partners, clients and relevant stories received from PR agencies and PR departments of companies. This includes the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA), The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), ING, Bank of America, PwC, Saxo Bank, OANDA, Ebury, Amber Group, TechPassport, SEON, GMEX, Thought Machine, and many others. You can send your story or press release to

“The correct image for your brand today is essential. Enhancing the visibility of the brand whenever possible is crucial for a successful public image,” Andy Samu, Editor of DisruptionBanking shared. “It’s not important what YOU think about your brand. What is important is what others think about the brand..”

The below list are some examples of press releases already published.

For Digital StartUp, Level39, London

Did you know that if you work with Digital StartUps you can arrange full articles, interviews or stories about your startup or financial institution?

Find out more: Digital StartUps presents Disruption-As-A-Service | Disruption Banking

For Finance and FinTech | Institute of Directors Special Interest Group (

Find out more: IoD launches Finance and FinTech Group in London | Disruption Banking

For Fintech Talents – Content, Community & Experiences

Find out more: Fintech Talents Festival on the 14th – 15th November at The Brewery, London  | Disruption Banking

Find out more: Fintech Talents Festival London Returns with Exciting New Line Up (

For Sprintform, Budapest – digital transformation

Find out more: SprintForm Appoints Francis Hardy as Business Development Lead | Disruption Banking

For British Polish Tech Forum 2022 | GoTechPoland

Find out more: British Polish Tech Forum is back on the 7th of December | Disruption Banking

For TechPassport, London

Find out more: TechPassport strengthens its board with banking veteran Steve Suarez | Disruption Banking

For Unchain Fintech Festival – Oradea CEE (

Find out more: Oradea in Romania to host Unchain Fintech Festival in July | Disruption Banking

For ICONOMI, London: The Best Crypto Investment App

Find out more: Think you know about Crypto? Create a TikTok with your Mum and join the challenge to win a Bitcoin | Disruption Banking

About Digital StartUps

Digital StartUps is a publisher and digital marketing agency which closely follows financial innovation and regulation. The company engages with content creators to help raise awareness of critical global issues.

Digital StartUps strategic publishing arm #DisruptionBanking creates relationships with companies from across the world every day.

Well established within the prestigious Level39 fintech incubator in Canary Wharf, Digital StartUps is a key member of the technology and innovation ecosystems. Each year over one and half million users across the world interact with the content created by the team at Digital StartUps.

Digital StartUps owns DisruptionBanking which has been given the following ISSN Number: 2753-779X

For more information follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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