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TechPassport strengthens its board with banking veteran Steve Suarez


London, UK, August 2022, TechPassport today announces the onboarding of Steve Suarez, Global Head of Innovation, Global Functions at HSBC to their advisory board,  bringing his expertise to their platform that removes the friction when banks onboard fintechs.

It can be very tedious onboarding a new startup if you work at a bank. It can also be very frustrating as a startup founder to find that your project doesn’t pass a banks’ internal tests. A solution needed to be found, and Layla White, a former procurement manager at HSBC, has done just that.

This year Layla and her team have been spreading the word about their new match-making platform at events including  Money 20/20 Europe, Fintech Week London and FinTech New York. Their popularity has been increasing.

Supported by Tier 1 banking partners the amount of fintech products that are now listed on the site is in excess of a thousand. Many of these startups are learning what else they need in order to better secure the deals they so desperately need. In the meantime, more and more stakeholders amongst the banking community are learning about the platform and turning to TechPassport for help.

A leading figure amongst the banking community, especially in the innovation space, is Steve Suarez. Steve has recently joined TechPassport in the role of Board Advisor.

Layla White, Founder and CEO of TechPassport shared:

“Having Steve join our team is a huge step forward. Not just for TechPassport, but for the future of collaboration between fintechs and banks. Steve brings years of experience working with startups as well as leading digital transformation in one of the largest financial institutions in the world. His expertise will be essential in helping hundreds of founders better understand how to position their startups to better collaborate with banks The future is bright for fintechs, and TechPassport is making it that little bit brighter.”

Steve Suarez added:

“Joining TechPassport is a strategic decision that I haven’t taken lightly. Each day I work with startups from across the world to understand their value proposition and the benefit to the bank.. Many of them fail, as topics such as  finance, legal or administration is often not at the forefront of the mindset. Even the best tech only works if it’s properly nurtured. Something that I will be delighted to help TechPassport facilitate amongst startups.

About TechPassport

Founded in 2019 TechPassport was created to help lower the barrier of entry for fintechs who are looking to work with banks from across the world. The platform aims to do some of the heavy lifting for startups that want to work with banks. The angel-backed team helps startups get their compliance documents and legal paperwork in order before they engage with banks, to make the onboarding process faster.

The Techpassport team actively scouts for startups to include on the platform and groups them according to their specialism – payments processing, security, etc. Banks can use the platform to find suppliers. Knowing that those who are listed won’t be starting from scratch when it comes to procurement requirements.

TechPassport connects banks and FinTechs without the friction, making the process smoother, faster, and cheaper. From sourcing a supplier, through to NDA’s and PoC’s, our Saas based platform uses intelligent workflows when onboarding FinTechs, enabling your people to reclaim time for higher value activities.

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