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Oradea in Romania to host Unchain Fintech Festival in July


Nestled on the border of Romania and Hungary in Bihor County, the city of Oradea is surrounded by thermal baths. It may not be the most well-known city in Romania, but the organizers of Unchain are planning to change that. Especially when it comes to traditional banking, financial institutions, regulators, investors and fintech startups.

Oradea is showing great potential in driving the region’s development. As an urban centre, as well as through investments in infrastructure, development of tech hubs. The city also provides resources for the private sector, with particular support from the local government.

The organizers have announced that the Festival will take place on the 13th – 14th of July 2022, as a physical event. The Festival will represent stakeholders from the business landscape in payments, loans, insurance, personal finance, e-commerce, banking, and more.

Central Eastern Europe has not had an event that represents the entire Fintech community in the region. With the Unchain Fintech Festival, things will change. Creating an annual place for the ecosystem to meet and share its common goals and challenges. By encouraging co-operation between the region’s financial institutions and talented entrepreneurs. Giving the whole of Central Eastern Europe a platform to showcase the best solutions provided by companies. From one of the most talented regions of the world.

The two-day festival will be split into three sections. Unchain Trends, Unchain Ideas and Unchain Connections:

  • Unchain Trends – conferences and workshops stage on “hot topics” of the field. With keynote speakers from important players, regulators and opinion leaders;
  • Unchain Ideas – pitching stage and booth area with top fintech startups in the region;
  • Unchain Connections – 1 to 1 meetings and networking area. With set-up for matchmaking to facilitate direct interactions between companies, startups and investors. Supporting the building of relations.

Ticket prices start at 150 € and are already selling fast. The organizers are expecting at least 500 attendees.

“Together with all the relevant experts in the financial and tech industry. We will shape the business landscape in payments, loans, insurance, personal finance, e-commerce, banking, and more. Central and Eastern Europe has great potential to become a key driver in the global fintech and blockchain economic shift. Regional unicorns have offered just a glimpse into the potential of the CEE. And, through Unchain Fintech Festival, we aim to grow and maximize the innovation and business capabilities of the region,stated Alexandra Pollack, Co-Founder and CEO of Unchain Fintech Festival.

Alexandra is a veteran of the tech events industry. She has organized large-scale B2B trade shows, innovation conferences, and startup programs over the past 12 years .

Together with the close support of regional financial institutions, national banks, regulators, technology companies, industry associations, startup accelerators, ecosystem players, and trusted advisors. Unchain Fintech Festival is set up to become the flagship regional event. Bringing together the key stakeholders from fintech and blockchain in Central and Eastern Europe.

About Unchain Fintech Festival: Central Eastern Europe’s Flagship Fintech Event

Unchain was created to bring together the global public and private sectors to advance the topic of Fintech in Central Eastern Europe and globally. Unchain is supporting the future of finance by connecting companies and people, trends and challenges. With a 2-day festival at its core, fintechs and other financial institutions alongside the wider ecosystem stakeholders will meet in a city that is at the centre of Central Eastern Europe. Representing the rich past of the region, alongside the vibrant digital solutions the region has to offer. The festival will help showcase what the region has to offer, as well as bringing global trends to the region.

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