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Miami NFT Week Announces Additional Speakers Highlighting Rapidly Growing Crypto Communities in Latin America


Timbaland, Baron Davis, Yu-kai Chou, Swan Sit, and Laura Rodriguez among the featured speakers scheduled to appear at the 3-day conference sponsored by Mastercard.

MIAMI, FL, March 30, 2023 – Miami NFT Week – the biggest NFT gathering to hit the Web3 hub that is Southern Florida – has announced dozens of new speakers to its lineup. Together and alongside the three-day event agenda, these speakers further bolster the rapid growth of crypto-native communities and Latin America.

The gathering is returning to the 305 to once again spearhead the innovation, creativity and imagination that form at the intersection of crypto and culture. Miami NFT Week will offer top-of-the-line networking, panels and an array of cultural discussions for the Latin America community.

This year, Miami NFT Week will feature speakers from all across the globe, including:

  • Co-founder of Ape-In Productions and singer songwriter, Timbaland
  • Entrepreneur, two-time NBA All-Star and investor Baron Davis
  • The Miami Ape Co-Founder Laura Rodriguez
  • Mastercard Senior Vice President Stefany Bello
  • Metablox and Octalysis Founder Yu-kai Chou
  • OneOf Co-Founder and CEO Lin Dai
  • Decentral Founder and Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio
  • Artisant Co-Founder Leila Ismailova
  • Web3 Advisor and Creator, Swan Sit

“Miami NFT Week 2022 was my first introduction to a stage for crypto and Web3,” said Laura Rodriguez, Host and Co-Founder of The Miami Ape. “As a young female, I was trying to understand the space and my place in all of it. Following my participation at the conference, I knew my passion was this new emerging world and I started my company The Miami Ape shortly after. Without Miami NFT Week 2022, I would’ve never taken the chance at speaking in so many stages around the country and world. A year later I get to look back on the journey and stand up in front of everyone at Miami NFT Week 2023, as speaker, to share my story and hopefully inspire young women like me.”

Mastercard’s Senior Vice President Stefany Bello will join Laura and others on stage for a panel discussion titled “Latinos Vamos! The Power of Women LATAM Women!” featuring an important conversation surrounding the power of LATAM women. In addition, Mastercard is sponsoring four panels focused on LATAM and the growing LATAM crypto community. The four panels include: Aping into LATAM, Leveraging The Web3 Latin Network, Web3 perspective and startup opportunities from LATAM, and ¡Vamos! The Power of LATAM. Further, Mastercard’s Vice President, Blockchain and Digital Assets Eduardo Abreu and its Director, Brand Management, Innovation and Digital Marketing, Latin America and the Caribbean Marcus Carmo will be speaking on the panels to add their insights surrounding this ever evolving community.

Miami NFT Week is continuing to amplify its core messages through its focus on building opportunity for crypto-newcomers and individuals who are still trying to find their calling within the crypto-community, much like Laura was last year. These foundational ideas will be infused throughout the conference via its main pillars of culture, metaverse, enterprise, Web3 and community.

“We strive to offer a welcoming environment for all crypto enthusiasts – natives, newcomers and curious individuals alike,” said Erik LaPaglia, Miami NFT Week Co-Founder. “Crypto and Web3 are rapidly evolving and at Miami NFT Week, we are eager to help the community evolve with it. The testimonies that stemmed from last year’s conference were overwhelming and it’s always been our goal to be the most inclusive crypto event. This year, we are proud to continue with that same goal.”

In an effort to bring new innovators into the space, Miami NFT Week is hosting a group from NFT Kids featured in NFTKidsMagazine, the first-ever NFT publication for digital kid artists founded by 13 year old NFT artist and photographer Gemeidon. The kids, ranging from 7-15 years old, will have a booth at the conference to showcase their art, sign autographs and bring a fresh perspective to the space. To add to the fun, four of the kids – Christopher Lyons, Genesis Johnson, Brooklynn Bailey and Ariana Sabatino – will be speaking on panels over the weekend.

In addition to the diverse panel topics and networking opportunities, Miami NFT will also host a buildathon. This year’s contest, which is free to join, will provide an interactive environment where participants won’t just hear about industry-leading tools, artists, and founders; they’ll be able to interact with and build alongside them. There will be $25,000+ worth of prizes distributed to winning teams.

Visit Miami NFT Week to learn more about the buildathon as well as purchase tickets and view sponsorship opportunities.


Miami NFT Week is one of the largest Web3 gatherings on the U.S. East Coast – featuring a global network of key industry founders, influencers and political leaders in the broader blockchain space – that builds bridges by way of blockchain and diverse communities.

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