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Sign up for the HorizonX Consulting Launch Event with Steve Suarez on 5th September


London, 1st September 2023 – HorizonX Consulting, a visionary consulting company committed to fuelling organisations growth through strategic innovation, is set to embark on a journey of innovation and transformation, on the 5th of September. On LinkedIn Live at 1pm British Standard Time, mark your calendar and register here

Prepare to be inspired as you discover the incredible lineup of opportunities that lie ahead. What you can expect from the Event:

  • Experts Perspective: Hear from the Founder, Steve Suarez, and other industry leaders as they discuss their innovative approach to enabling change.
  • Discovery of the comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help you generate ideas, experiment with new technologies, and rapidly and successfully scale them 
  • Engaging Panel Discussions: Join in live dialogue with thought leaders as they talk about the culture and future of innovation as well as the profound impact of emerging technologies.

Speakers include:

  • Steve Suarez, Founder of HorizonX Consulting
  • Olga Nadskakula, Managing Partner at HorizonX Consulting
  • Sapan Bafna, Chief Executive Officer of Outamation
  • Lisa Guadagno, Advisory Board Member and Influencer at Paragon One

Register for the event and join the discussion:

About Horizon X Consulting

Horizon X Consulting is your partner in fuelling growth through strategic innovation. They excel in tailoring innovation strategies for meaningful transformations, and seamlessly integrate experimenting and scaling of emerging technologies to drive business growth. Their Innovation Training Programme equips employees with the skills and mindset needed for innovative thinking, and confidence to adopt cutting-edge technologies. They are dedicated partners, committed to nurturing innovation and growth, making them a valuable asset for steering organisations through the complexities of the modern world. 

Join them on an inspiring journey of knowledge and collaboration, by connecting on X and LinkedIn. Follow their insights on the blog for more information.

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