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BENKER to Launch as Europe’s First Officially Licensed Blockchain Neobank


BENKER expected to create ‘New World Order’ in blockchain-based financial services

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA and BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / January 20, 2022 / BENKER, developed by BEM Europe UAB, is Europe’s first officially licensed blockchain neobank. Receiving approval from the Bank of Lithuania on January 13, 2022 to operate as an Electronic Money Institution, BENKER is the first financial services provider in the European Union to operate entirely based on blockchain. This neobank will bring ‘New World Order’ in the digital financial servicing of clients as well as mitigate risk and increase protection using technology-based guarantees.

While technology has guaranteed safety and security in all areas of life from fingerprint scanners on our phones to the life-saving innovations of medical science, the financial sector has lagged behind until now. By adding blockchain technology to the existing line of guarantees, financial service providers not only have to follow laws and regulations but also deliver full transparency on all transactions. No longer will they be able to change rules at their own discretion; instead, clients will be afforded constant, 24/7 transparency with complete control over their own financial matters — leading to the highest level of freedom. In the brand’s terminology, this is called Compliant Client Autonomy.

“We anticipate BENKER will be the catalyst – igniting the fundamental transformation of how personal finances are managed digitally as well as establish an industry-wide standard. By obtaining our Electronic Money Institutional license, we can now radically diminish a client’s risk exposure to financial market participants. BENKER will transform electronic banking as we know it and will mark a New World Order”, says BEM Europe ‘s CEO Viktor Bodnár about the company’s vision.

BENKER technology will run on NATRIX, a hybrid blockchain designed for the financial sector. The service will not require any additional efforts from clients and meets all GDPR, bank privacy, and regulatory requirements. The brand’s services will operate differently than its competition and will offer numerous features that assure Compliant Client Autonomy – or ultimate freedom, complete control for clients, high-level security, and ease of use. The vision behind the innovation of BENKER is to provide users with complete control over their finances. The result is a system in which clients and service providers will finally stand on an equal playing field while maintaining all legal and regulatory requirements.

Due to high interest, pre-registration has begun. BENKER is scheduled to go live in January 2022 and for additional information, please visit


Headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, BENKER is a global fintech company, committed to the continuous development of innovative financial services. After demonstrating compliance in all regulatory requirements set by the Bank of Lithuania as well as successfully completing several validatory rounds, BENKER obtained the EMI license in January of 2022 as Europe’s first, blockchain neobank. The company has truly opened the next chapter of fintech era, raising the bar and setting a new standard as part of the New World Order.

BENKER will introduce blockchain to the financial services market, empowering users to hold absolute control and reach freedom over the actions relating to their money and life. We will achieve compliant client autonomy by eliminating existing imbalances between service providers and users. All this while handing control and sovereignty to clients with total transparency and still meeting regulatory requirements.

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