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Ekstasy launches Starling Bank’s latest integrated campaign – ‘Hello Starling Bank’


08.07.21 – With more than 2 million customers, Starling is growing fast. The campaign showcases Starling’s award-winning app to the UK’s 2 million online banking users and 3.2 million self-employed workers.

Starling is the leading digital bank, aiming to make banking easier, fairer and more human than banks of the past. Ekstasy wanted to shine a light on the customer centric humanity that is at the core of it all. In the ad, they have focused on Starling’s application process. Showing it off in all it’s speedy do-it-just-about-anywhere glory.

Starling have had an excellent start to 2021 so far, with reports showing the digital bank increasing market share while others like Monzo and N26 have not fared as well.

In April, further news of funding from Goldman Sachs gave an extra push to the ambitions of the team at Starling.

Now there is also a fresh fleet of creative adverts that will appear out of home, radio and online and will run throughout Summer until the end of September. The work can be viewed here.

#DisruptionBanking spoke with the team at Ekstasy in May about the campaign.

Speaking about the campaign today, Mark Day, Art Director at Starling Bank said “Ekstasy’s collaborative approach has enabled us to promote our speedy onboarding process through the people we built our bank for have experienced it first hand, our customers.”

Mike Saraswat, CEO of Ekstasy said “Strategically we wanted to focus on the humanity that is central to Starling’s banking products. People have busy lives and banking should not come in the way. It is there for them when they need it.”

About Starling Bank

Starling Bank is a fully-licensed and regulated bank built to give people a fairer, smarter and more human alternative to the banks of the past. In addition to current accounts, it provides B2B banking and payments services through its Banking-as-a-Service model based on the proprietary technology platform that it uses to power its own bank. The Starling Marketplace offers customers in-app access to a selection of third party financial services. Headquartered in London, it has offices in Southampton, Cardiff and Dublin. 

About Ekstasy

Ekstasy is an award winning creative advertising agency that specialises in helping startups, scaleups and established companies grow their brand awareness and acquire new customers globally. Ekstasy helps both B2B and B2C companies such as Samsung, Amazon, Oracle, Netsuite, LG, Starling Bank, Sumup, RS Components, Whirlpool, CBRE, Yale, ESET, Klarna, Canon, L&T, SES Satellites and others, create effective campaigns. Its senior team of strategists, creatives and producers bring a wealth of top-tier experience developing campaigns for clients including Airbnb, Uber, Visa, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Burger King, HSBC, Adidas and other leading brands.  

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