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Talking Self-Driving Finance with Personetics from Israel


Personetics helps Retail Banks become smarter by analyzing real-time customer transaction data to understand customer behavior and better anticipate financial needs.

Personetics does this by harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to enable banks to offer insights, financial advice, and wellness programs to their banking customers, ultimately giving customers a better overall experience and helping customers reach financial resilience.

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With offices in New York, London, Tel Aviv and Singapore, Personetics has over 50 customers in Japan, Australia, Singapore, Korea, USA and Europe.

We asked Dorel how these banks work with the Cloud? And how is Personetics able to help them with Innovation?

Click the link to the YouTube video below to hear more:

To find out more about Personetics and how they help Plug & Play and support Self-Driving Finance, the best place to start is with their latest Press Release:

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