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It is easy to see why, in the context of the UK, such a law may be needed. Of the more than 460,000 Suspicious Activity Reports sent by UK banks to the UK Financial Intelligence Unit in recent years for suspicious transactions, the government’s Law Commission concluded that many were of “low-quality” and that many banks had a poor understanding of their reporting obligations, reporting less to assist the authorities than to avoid a law suit.
One common thing we hear from our clients is that opening a business account with traditional banks in Hong Kong is overwhelming. Which is indeed the case. Opening a business account in Hong Kong requires time, and possibly money without any guarantee that the bank account will be opened in the end. The two most cited struggles are administrative requirements and physical visits. whereas at Statrys we make corporate customers’ life easier by simplifying the process - with only 10 minutes of time required - and being 100% online, so if you have access to the internet, you have access to Statrys.
FinTech Scotland represents over 100 companies, the vast majority of which have been trading for less than five years. Twenty were started in just the past year, with many continuing to expand despite the disruption of the pandemic. The cluster has also received high levels of public funding, including a £22.5m investment by the UK Global Open Finance Centre for Excellence in July, and support from the Scottish Investment Bank.
Mobey Forum is a place where banks can come together in a commercially neutral environment to exchange experiences and learnings and identify best practices. It’s a forum where banks can discuss what has worked and what hasn’t with peers from other non-competing banks. We provide the platform for those types of discussions in our Member Meetings and in our Expert Groups – both of which always take place under Chatham House Rules to increase the level of trust and enable openness and frank discussions of the real issues.


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