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Credit Building Score Mastercard® by DND Finance the First Shariah-certified Credit Card in the UK


DND Finance is proud to announce that the Score Mastercard®, the only secured credit card available in the UK, is also the only Shariah-certified credit card in the country. This first-of-its-kind product in the UK, the secured Score Mastercard enables new-to-UK individuals to transact and build up their credit history without compromising the standards of their Islamic faith.

According to a publicized review of survey research on Muslims in Britain conducted by Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute, there are over 2.8 million consumers in the UK with the Islamic faith. Over 63% of these Muslim consumers have relocated from outside the UK. With little to no credit history in the UK, these consumers still have a strong need to purchase goods and transact in both online and retail marketplaces while following the principles of their Islamic faith.

“DND Finance is excited to bring this revolutionary product to British Muslim consumers who have been looking for a product that meets their needs. There is no credit card in the UK that is Shariah compliant, until now that is. This product will enable Muslim consumers to create a credit profile, access the Western promise of an improved life for them and their families, while maintaining their faith principles,” says Bill Dost, CEO of DND Finance and Founder of the Score Mastercard.

“Muslims in the West face the challenge of being either financially excluded or forced to compromise their religious principles, due to the unavailability of suitable and quality financial products. Score Mastercard, being a halal credit card, is a huge initiative towards greater financial inclusion and tapping into a niche market,” said Dr Farrukh Habib, co-founder, and director of Shariah Experts Ltd., that has certified Score Mastercard as Shariah-compliant.

The UK based Score Mastercard by DND helps faith-based individuals following Islamic principles to transact online and at retail locations in an affordable way, without compromising their religious practices. At an affordable APR with no interest or late payment fees charged on purchases and outstanding balances, the Score Mastercard provides a great solution for Muslim consumers who are new to the UK and want to position themselves towards a strong financial future.

About DND Finance

Since launching in 2000, DND Finance has established itself as a multi-national finance company helping the underserved corporate and consumer finance arenas in both the UK and Canada. As a division of D&D Leasing UK, the company was founded by Bill Dost, offering business financing solutions in the loan, vehicle, equipment finance and leasing markets in the UK.

The company has recently launched its Score Mastercard® in the UK, providing a credit building solution to both consumers and companies looking to establish positive trade history. Between its UK and Canadian operations, the company has helped thousands of customers obtain access to affordable credit solutions to move forward in life

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  1. Dont bother they charge expensive ammounts for everthing trying to close my account has been a nighmare still waiting for my money after 10 working days think8ng of contacting the financial ombusman there is something not right about this outfit

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