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Quant Insight rolls out major product update for RETINA™, AI-powered real time notifications and alerts

Quant insight press release

Qi clients can now access a whole new level of market insights

with RETINA’s second-generation AI-powered real time notifications and signals

London, 30TH March 2022 – Quant Insight (Qi), the ground-breaking macro analytics provider for institutional investors, has rolled out RETINA™ 2.0, which includes major updates, new features, and improved functionality. 

Qi’s RETINA™ (Real Time Notifications and Alerts) uses cutting edge data science and analytics to process and boil down the torrent of macro and market information to identify key shifts under the surface of global financial markets, covering 5,000+ instruments across all asset classes. Key signals are then pushed into clients’ workflows in real time via the Symphony and Slack messaging platforms. The result is unparalleled market transparency and giving back to users the one thing they lack most – time.

RETINA™ is fully customisable, and users can set it to monitor whatever they want to track. Notifications cover important shifts in macro factors including Nowcasting (real GDP across 20 countries), inflation expectations, financial conditions and more, as well as alerts on misalignments and mis-pricings. Users can also set the number of signals they want to receive, whether that is a stream of ideas, or just a handful of extremely robust, high-conviction data driven insights. 

Each signal has a “signal strength” indication – a level of confidence in each individual idea. New metrics encompassing historical back tests, the profile of macro-warranted fair value plus a trend and momentum overlay help determine which signals present the highest probabilities.

RETINA™ 2.0 offers added interactivity. A user can pick a security and ask the Qi trade bot to track it continuously. The bot will then push a notification to the user in Symphony or Slack if it detects any significant change in macro regime, valuation and/or momentum. Aside from tracking, users can interact with the RETINA could-based market “brain” by asking for a full analysis of any security.

Another major feature new to RETINA™ 2.0, is the introduction of alerts on Qi’s Vol Indicator – a way for clients to gain early insights into a potential period of volatility for chosen assets. 

What’s more, RETINA™ 2.0 will also include a Performance Table which is broken down by asset class and summarises the performance of the previous month’s signals. The performance table also includes a Bullish vs. Bearish ratio and number of trades closed against those still open, allowing traders to gain a holistic overview of how assets classes in their portfolio have performed in the last four weeks. 

RETINA™ is already being used by world-leading hedge fund portfolio managers and institutional investors with hundreds of billions in AUM.

Mahmood Noorani, Co-Founder and CEO for Quant Insight, comments: 

“Quant Insight’s core idea is that in this age of data overload, processing power, data science and ground-breaking technology are more important than ever. Investors who incorporate hard evidence based on cutting edge quantitative analysis now have the advantage.

“Quant Insight has made significant leaps and bounds as a company in recent months, with a new offering for retail investors, iQbyQi, and a number of major partnerships in the works. 

“However, RETINA™ is, and always will be, our flagship product. RETINA provides live alerts when any important macro factor – inflation expectations, measures of risk appetite or moves in credit markets – experiences a large shift. And what’s even more important is that users can see the impact that all the information out there is having on asset prices.

“In short, RETINA™ is a source of trade ideas, a way to track a user’s trade position and pushes notifications alerting user of any changes in the underlying macro landscape all customised and delivered seamlessly into the user’s daily workflow.” 

Quant Insight

Quant Insight (Qi), is at the forefront of machine learning and technology, developing the first financial market brain that ingests millions of data points in real time and extracts signal from noise.

With offices in London, New York and Limassol, Qi has clients with total Assets Under Management (AUM) of over $2.5 trillion incorporating Qi’s analytics in their investment process.

The company is led by experienced macro hedge fund portfolio managers and leading academics in machine learning and signal extraction from Cambridge, Harvard, and Princeton, in addition to best-in-class data engineers with backgrounds from world leading technology firms.

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