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‘Chief Entrepreneur’ Under Scrutiny After Company Collapse Leaves Taxpayer Out Of Pocket


Questions are being raised over the appointment of Mark Logan as the Scottish Government’s “Chief Entrepreneur” as Disruption Banking reveals one of his companies went into liquidation just weeks before his appointment, leaving the taxpayer facing a £350,000 loss.

In 2016, the government agency Scottish Enterprise offered a £500,000 grant to Swipii Labs Ltd, of which Mark Logan remains a director, to help fund the company build an app rewarding users for shopping locally. 

The grant was subsequently reduced to £350,000 and paid in four instalments over the course of 2017.

However, Swipii Labs went into liquidation in January 2022 and, while Scottish Enterprise lodged a claim to recuperate its £350,000 in March 2022, there is not yet any sign that the taxpayer has managed to recover its losses.

Only a matter of months after this loss, in July 2022, Mark Logan was appointed the Scottish Government’s Chief Entrepreneur. The Scottish Government said at the time that Logan has been “instrumental in the success of multiple start-ups” and that “the new role will ensure entrepreneurship is embedded in the economy.”

Logan earns £192,000 a year for this role for working eight days a month. His company, Ipso Facto Management, has also received government contracts worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Author: Harry Clynch

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