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James Varga DirectID joins the TechPassport Supplier Advisory Board


London, UK, October 2022, TechPassport today announces the onboarding of James Varga, Founder & CEO at DirectID to their Supplier Advisory Board, bringing his expertise to their platform that removes the friction when Banks and Financial Institutions onboard FinTechs.

TechPassport strengthens its Supplier Advisory Board with his 15 years’ experience leveraging financial services as a global trust network. On this journey he has helped to establish Open Banking in the UK and as a global movement. He now wishes to create a truly inclusive financial world.

Layla White, Founder and CEO of TechPassport shared:

“At TechPassport we are building a real solution to a real problem and the only way we can ensure that we are fulfilling this is by building a trusted board of industry advisors. Tim has been influential to us for some time, so to bring him on officially was the natural next step. He will join us, alongside other industry veterans that will soon be announced, watch this space!”

James Varga, Founder and CEO of DirectID, added:

“For the UK to maintain its position in the world of fintech I believe we need to better bridge the gap between start-ups and incumbents. The industry is hampered by the industries inability to adopt innovation (completely understandable give the risks on all sides) but through better understanding, candid conversation and mutual respect we can break down those barriers.”

He went on to say that on a personal level he is supporting TechPassport on the supplier advisory board, because he is “a firm believer in the ‘infinite game’ and how the industry needs to move forward for us as individual fintech companies to be successful. It is why we helped found Innovate Finance, FDATA and why we started Open Banking Excellence. It’s also why I do so much work with UK Government, the Kalifa review, on the board of Fintech Scotland, sit on the Ministerial Trade Board of Scotland and other things. I have a firm deep-rooted passion for fintech and the positive impact it can create in the world.”

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