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Growing with Dateio at Money2020


Data being the ‘new gold’ is a very commonly recurring theme on many online stories about digitalization today. But it wasn’t always the case. Only a few companies were aware of how important data would become in the recent past. But one of those companies was Dateio from the Czech Republic who are regular attendees at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam. They are also one of the companies who are growing. And growing apace.

Disruption Banking first met with the team at Dateio at Money 2020 back before the pandemic in 2019. The young leadership team has an infectious way about them and were one of several companies with whom we have held a strong relationship over the years.

What did we see in what Dateio is doing that convinced us they are one to watch? It’s simple. Dateio don’t need to be convinced about data, their teams know data is the holy grail. They have also convinced numerous banks and retailers across the Central Eastern European region as well as wider afield that they have the answer to the challenges they are facing with their customers’ data.

How Dateio is driving marketing for banks

When identifying who could be the next unicorn, its always good to check to see what trends are being embraced by the company you are looking at. One of those trends is what some commentators have named ‘amazonisation’. One of the biggest trends to hit banking since the credit card became mainstream. Amazonisation is the process of building out a platform that analyzes customer behaviour and suggests products and services that match. You are probably familiar with the concept.

Dateio are sitting right in the middle of this process. Helping banks and retailers create personalized offers which only targeted clients can see. Their system also allows their customers to have access to online reports of ongoing campaigns. Allowing their customer, the chance to see how many clients came through the campaign and what their spending is.

Seems like pretty basic marketing. But, if it was, then Dateio wouldn’t have an active marketplace to develop. So, it seemed wise to ask Ivan Dovica, Co-founder and COO of Dateio to speak to us about what is happening at the company.

When we asked Ivan what their plans are for the next 12 months, the answer was simple: “Grow, grow, grow.” A refreshing thing to hear, as many companies in the digital assets space are facing challenges today. Clearly not Dateio though.

“Clearly, we are focusing on improving our product proposition. But mainly we are focusing on growth,” Ivan explained. When it comes to the target audience Ivan confirmed that this remains banks, mainly those with a large retail business. However, the most important thing for Ivan going forward is to continue to focus on working with and understanding data.

Want to know more? Here is a video with Ivan from Money 20/20 that should help our readers better understand what the company is offering:

Author: Andy Samu

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About Dateio

Dateio is a Prague based fintech founded in 2013. Dateio is the only company in CEE that offers card-linked marketing platform and innovation in data processing.

The card-linked marketing platform MAG.IC is currently implemented in 11 banks in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary. The company is currently working on launching its solution in Austria, Hungary and Croatia, which will enable it to increase the customer portfolio to 6-7 million clients. In the meantime, Dateio aims to expand to other Western European markets where it can scale up the business in larger markets.

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