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Bitcoin Halving 2024: Top 5 Platforms for Insights And Profit


Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, is about to experience a major event called a “halving.”  This pre-programmed system within Bitcoin cuts the rewards for finding new blocks of Bitcoin transactions in half. This event can dramatically impact the value of Bitcoin, and it is something investors and traders are paying close attention to.

What is the Bitcoin Halving?

The Bitcoin halving is a key part of how Bitcoin works. Roughly every four years, the reward Bitcoin miners receive for successfully adding a new block of transactions to the blockchain is cut in half. This means miners receive 50% fewer BTC for verifying transactions. This slows down the rate at which new Bitcoins are created. Because BTC has a limited total supply, halvings are designed to help manage its value and scarcity over time.

The next Bitcoin halving is expected to occur this week, around April 19-20, 2024.

Why Does the Halving Matter?

Historically, Bitcoin halvings have been followed by periods of rising prices. For instance, before the first Bitcoin halving in November 2012, the price of Bitcoin was around $10.59. The price increased significantly following the halving, reaching $126.24 within 180 days. This is due to the basic economic principle of supply and demand. When the supply of something decreases and demand stays the same or increases, the price tends to go up. 

In short, this event is significant because it reduces the new supply of Bitcoin, potentially increasing its scarcity and value. This scarcity can lead to an increase in Bitcoin’s price, as past events have shown. 

The next halving is anticipated to be of great interest as it could significantly impact the market. 

Of course, there are no guarantees in the cryptocurrency market, but it’s a pattern worth paying attention to.

Top FivePlatforms to Help You Prepare and Profit 


Coinbase offers a detailed explanation of Bitcoin halving and its implications. The platform provides a countdown to the next halving event and explains the concept’s significance.

  • Clarity and Comprehensiveness: Coinbase’s articles clearly explain the Bitcoin halving process, its significance, and its potential effects on the cryptocurrency’s value.
  • Market Analysis and Insights: The platform offers insights into historical data showing significant price increases in Bitcoin following past halvings, suggesting a pattern that could influence future crypto market behavior.
  • Strategies and Risk Assessment: In a report, Coinbase outlines the potential for increased Bitcoin value due to reduced supply but stops short of providing specific investment strategies.
  • Objectivity and Reliability: The information is presented factually, with Coinbase being a reputable source in the cryptocurrency space.


This platform’s social trading feature is its ace. It allows you to follow experienced Bitcoin investors and even copy their trades. eToro also offers ample educational resources focused on the halving’s market implications, including a countdown to the main event. 

They provide a free online course on Bitcoin halving, designed for all levels of investors. The course includes lessons on the four-year cycle to help investors of all levels understand the event and how it could affect their trading strategies in the coming days and weeks.

Furthermore, you could find successful traders with a proven track record during previous halvings and follow their strategies, potentially adapting them to your risk profile.

  • Clarity and Comprehensiveness: eToro’s guide to Bitcoin halving is thorough, explaining the concept and its implications for investors.
  • Market Analysis and Insights: It includes an analysis of previous halvings and their impact on Bitcoin’s price, offering insights into what might happen after the upcoming halving.
  • Strategies and Risk Assessment: eToro discusses the potential for a bull run following the halving, which could benefit investors but emphasizes the speculative nature of such predictions.
  • Objectivity and ReliabilityReliability: eToro provides a balanced perspective, though it naturally promotes its services as a trading platform.


This popular cryptocurrency news site offers detailed articles, explainers, and analysis on the Bitcoin halving, plus a countdown to the event. You’ll find insights into the potential impact on price and market sentiment. 

CoinDesk equally provides a video that breaks down everything you need to know about the upcoming Bitcoin Halving event. It includes the cycle frequency, what it could mean for Bitcoin’s price, and how it will impact the mining industry.

  • Clarity and Comprehensiveness: CoinDesk’s articles on Bitcoin halving are clear and cover a wide range of technical details.
  • Market Analysis and Insights: The platform offers in-depth market analysis and insights into how halvings have influenced Bitcoin’s price historically.
  • Strategies and Risk Assessment: CoinDesk provides a broad perspective on strategies and risks but does not offer direct trading advice.
  • Objectivity and Reliability: As a leading news source in the crypto industry, CoinDesk maintains high objectivity and reliability.


Known for its trading services, IG also provides valuable market research and insights. The platform offers a wealth of information on Bitcoin halving, focusing on how it impacts Bitcoin’s price. They provide trading tips and historical data on past halvings to help users make informed decisions.

  • Clarity and Comprehensiveness: IG offers a detailed overview of Bitcoin halving, which is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.
  • Market Analysis and Insights: The site includes a thorough analysis of the halving’s historical impact on the market and current sentiments.
  • Strategies and Risk Assessment: IG provides strategic insights but does not offer explicit trading strategies.
  • Objectivity and Reliability: Information is presented objectively, with IG being a credible source due to its long-standing presence in the financial market.

This site explores Bitcoin Halving and its role in promoting economic freedom. It also discusses the impact of halving on Bitcoin’s economy and market dynamics.

Amongst all the other four platforms discussed, appears to have a more well-detailed piece on the BTC halving that’s more beneficial for all levels of investors looking to learn and earn from this upcoming event. 

  • Clarity and Comprehensiveness: provides a comprehensive overview of Bitcoin halving, explaining its technical details and historical context and helping readers understand its significance.
  • Market Analysis and Insights: The site also discusses the halving’s impact on Bitcoin’s economy and market dynamics, offering readers a perspective on how the event might influence the cryptocurrency market. It offers predictions and expert analysis on the impact of the upcoming halving.
  • Strategies and Risk Assessment: The site discusses the implications of halving on investment strategies and the broader crypto ecosystem.
  • Objectivity and Reliability: provides an expert-verified analysis, adding to its credibility.

Important Note

No platform can guarantee profits. These resources educate and help you make informed choices, not magically generate returns.

Use the information to make your own informed decisions. Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

Author: Ayanfe Fakunle

The editorial team at #DisruptionBanking has taken all precautions to ensure that no persons or organisations have been adversely affected or offered any sort of financial advice in this article. This article is most definitely not financial advice.

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