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Dalrada Energy Services Announces Partnership with Banyan Infrastructure to Improve ESG Banking Transparency


SAN DIEGO, CA – JUNE 27, 2022 – Dalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”) today announced its clean energy subsidiary, Dalrada Energy Services (DES), has entered into a strategic partnership with Banyan Infrastructure, a San Francisco-based software company. The partnership provides a secure cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution for DES sustainable infrastructure and renewable ESG projects, improving banking transparency.

With increased transparency, lenders and investors can securitize deals with greater ease. Digitizing traditionally static documents, Banyan Infrastructure’s secure SaaS platform aggregates and contextualizes disparate data sources and streamlines workflows across multiple counterparties to ensure the contractual compliance of each entity in a DES-ESG contract.

“Partnering with Banyan Infrastructure gives DES a 360-degree view of the financial components of its ESG contracts across IoT monitoring systems, bank accounts, and other asset management applications,” said DES President, Tom Giles. “This capability ensures that our ESG clients meet net-zero goals and contractual obligations with complete transparency, while also saving money and receiving higher quality service.”

The partnership is expected to boost loan transparency and expedite internal communication, allowing for the origination, service, and syndication of loans for infrastructure projects at a higher volume and lower cost.

According to Banyan Infrastructure CEO, Will Greene, “Green energy investors and lenders can now accelerate decision making and simplify workflow complexity with Banyan Infrastructure’s secure online platform. The result is improved financing costs and new avenues for green energy liquidity, allowing rapid ESG installations by Dalrada Energy Services worldwide.”

DES advanced technology solutions include products that will enable institutions, industries, businesses, and government agencies to implement long-term clean energy and net-zero sustainability initiatives by or before 2050.

About Banyan Infrastructure

Banyan Infrastructure combines financial and technological innovation to accelerate the deployment of solar, wind and other critical infrastructure around the globe. The Banyan Platform oversees and automates the complex and time-consuming contractual management of these small, distributed assets. Our solution de-risks these assets for lenders, decreases overhead costs, and increases the ability to refinance these projects at a lower cost of capital. This gets more clean-tech installed faster at lower costs.

About Dalrada

Dalrada Corporation drives innovation that positively impacts people, businesses, and the planet. With subsidiaries that are firmly positioned in the world’s top three-growing industries of healthcare, clean energy, and technology, Dalrada creates solutions that are sustainable, affordable, and accessible. The company works continually to produce disruptive products and services that accelerate positive change for current and future generations.

Dalrada’s global solutions directly address climate change, post-pandemic gaps in the healthcare industry, and technology solutions for a new era of human behavior and interaction, ensuring a bright future for the world around us. Established in 1982, Dalrada has since grown its footprint to include the unique business divisions: Dalrada Health, Dalrada Precision, and Dalrada Technologies.

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