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A Step in the Right Direction: SEON’s Footprint Expansion Makes It Harder for Fraudsters


Global fraud fighters, SEON has today gone further in its battle to eradicate online fraud by expanding the number of digital platforms analyzed through its industry-leading email and phone API checks to more than 50.

SEON’s unique platform is a modern fraud prevention solution perfectly suited for a digital generation. The company’s system leverages phone and email information, enabling businesses to have a comprehensive 360° view of potential customers. By analyzing the digital footprints of customers, SEON is able to quickly identify the tell-tale signs of fraud, which include throwaway email addresses and temporary phone numbers that are lacking any discernible history of activity.

By enlarging its digital and social footprint checks, SEON is providing users with unrivalled insights into who their customers are. Thanks to the update, the company’s innovative solution is now able to check email and phone addresses across more than 50 platforms, with new additions including Adobe, Disney+, Netflix, Patreon and Quora.

With this ability, fraud managers can enhance fraud prevention strategies and gain additional, real-time insights that allow them to make more accurate risk decisions. Importantly, the new update includes the ability to analyse social and digital platforms common within certain regions, giving businesses more local data touchpoints when dealing with international operations. Despite already being one of the leaders in this field, SEON plans to further expand this offering in the coming months.

To this end, the latest expansion forms part of a broader series of product enhancements, which SEON will be announcing in the near future. The company is already making use of its record-breaking $94m USD Series B funding round to go further for its customers and enacting its core business mission to democratize the battle against online fraud by providing businesses of all sizes with affordable, accessible, and effective fraud prevention solutions.

Speaking on the new update, Amanda Lieu, Director Brand, Product Marketing & Growth commented: “At SEON, we strive to continually improve our product offering to benefit our customers and to help tackle online fraud. As we all know, online fraud is becoming more sophisticated, but fraudsters still lack the resources to create multiple digital profiles replete with significant posting history. Ultimately, it’s not economical for them to do this and as such, our system helps to mitigate the risk of fraud significantly.

“It’s important to note that our email and phone API checks were already industry-leading, but as a business we’re committed to never resting on our laurels, which means a constant drive towards improvement wherever it can be achieved. It’s in this spirit that we’re already working towards a further expansion across these platforms, as well as a comprehensive series of additional product updates for the remainder of 2022.”

As the go-to fraud prevention company of choice for some of the most exciting fintechs and online businesses, including Revolut, Sorare and mollie, SEON’s solution can be considered the ‘gold standard’ in fraud prevention tools. Those interested in seeing the company’s system in action are advised to visit its website and try out its powerful lookup tool for free, which quickly lists social and digital accounts associated with a phone number or email address.

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