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IOSCO to launch 2022 World Investor Week on 3-9 October 2022


The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is preparing to launch its sixth annual World Investor Week (WIW) from 3 to 9 October 2022. Given the uneven evolution of the pandemic across the globe, jurisdictions this year can continue to choose any other week of October or November to promote financial and investor education, while adapting the format of their campaigns accordingly.

The IOSCO WIW is a week-long global campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of investor education and protection. IOSCO invites all its members to participate in the WIW campaign though other international and regional organizations, as well as local stakeholders with an interest in promoting investor education and investor protection can also participate in the event.

The key messages of the IOSCO WIW campaign in 2022 will be based on two themes: 1) investor resilience, and 2) sustainable finance. These messages complement those of previous IOSCO WIW editions, such as frauds and scams prevention, and crypto assets.

Ashley Alder, Chair of the IOSCO Board and the Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, said, “I welcome this sixth edition of the IOSCO World Investor Week. During the last two years we have seen a growing number of retail investors participating in securities markets, in the context of the global pandemic. Those investors are facing new challenges, such as inflationary pressures and the uncertainties deriving from geopolitical tensions. Financial education and investor protection play a critical role in enhancing investor resilience and investor confidence to participate in financial markets on a properly informed basis.”

Pasquale Munafò, Chairman of the IOSCO Committee on Retail Investors, said, “Retail investors are currently exposed to a rapidly evolving environment that creates new opportunities, but also increases some risks. Investor education is a way to increase awareness and enhance investors’ understanding of both opportunities and risks and make informed decisions.”

Additional details and information on the IOSCO WIW campaign of 2022 and how to participate is available at the WIW website, which also provides details on the various participating authorities and international organizations currently supporting this global effort.

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