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Railsbank will use Money 20/20 to further voice belief that “old finance” has been left behind


London, 11th May, 2022 – Leading embedded finance experience platform Railsbank will use the upcoming Money 20/20 (June 7-9, 2022), Europe’s biggest fintech show, to further its view, voiced by co-founder and CEO Nigel Verdon, that “…old finance does not stand a chance as the fintech industry has developed a supercharged ecosystem, allowing brands to make finance work for themselves and their own customers.”

Railsbank, which was originally created in 2016 to enable the fintech industry to break free of the shackles of an outmoded and outdated financial services industry, is the pioneer of embedded finance experiences category, the core of which is to allow companies, organisations and brands to build relevant finance experiences to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

“Banks don’t do experiences, but fintechs do. Get ready for the future of fintech – say goodbye to traditional banking and say hello to Railsbank. 

“I can’t put it any simpler. The legacy financial services industry has been left at the platform, whilst the train is rocketing up the line. They just don’t get the way things are changing so rapidly and that the power is now with the brands, not the provider of the financial service itself. Fintechs enable and facilitate, with speed, transparency and low cost. Legacy operators cling on to complexity, high costs, longevity and an opaqueness which leaves the brand as a spectator at their own party,” added Verdon. 

Nigel Verdon was speaking as the company prepares for further significant expansion in 2022. Money 20/20, held as always in Amsterdam, falls at the almost halfway point of the year and it will provide Railsbank with an opportunity to update its customers and the industry on its roadmap for the second half of 2022, and beyond. 

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