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Nous Systems launches world’s first decentralised investment platform


London, 9 May 2022 – Pioneering European blockchain start-up Nous Systems is pleased to announce the successful launch of its decentralised investment platform Nous Fund, which is now live on the Polygon Network. As the world’s first, decentralised hedge fund built using blockchain technology, Nous Fund allows investors to mint their own non-fungible contracts and participate directly in Nous’ on-chain decentralised asset management vehicle on the Ethereum-based Polygon platform.

This launch comes in tandem with the onboarding and integration of Chainlink Keepers onto the Nous ecosystem to facilitate the automation of smart contracts, as well as Chainlink Price Feeds, which will simplify management processes, increase the decentralisation of the platform, and reduce the need to rely on trusted third parties.

To date, there has been a marked paucity in the use of smart contracts. With increasing investor confidence in blockchain technology, Nous believes that these hybrid smart contracts will in time replace conventional legal agreements and therefore seek to use this launch to demonstrate their utility within the financial sector and lead the charge to broaden their use in the market.

By harnessing the power of blockchain, Nous Fund is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and with as little as $100 USD to invest. The fund’s use of hybrid non-fungible smart contracts allows it to offer traditional financial services and products at a much lower cost, benefiting the end user and reducing counterparty risk in the process.

The launch of Nous Fund also represents only the beginning of Nous System’s mission to democratise the asset management space, with a diverse range of products in development that will suit the needs of all types of investors. Historically, excessively high barriers to access have excluded many would-be investors to the highest quality asset management services.

It is with this mission in mind that Nous Systems has integrated into the Nous Fund multiple Chainlink services on the Polygon mainnet. The innovative application of this technology allows Nous to create investment contracts using ETH, MATIC, USDC, and USDT with incredibly low minting fees of $0.03.

As the established industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain, the integration of Chainlink services such as Keepers and Price Feed will allow the fund to provide high-end solutions, whilst preserving Nous’s commitment to security, efficiency, and accessibility.

Chainlink’s price feed will produce highly reliable and accurate price data, helping Nous Fund ensure market rates are hyper-resistant to single points of failure and reducing the level of risk for investors. Chainlink Keepers will additionally allow Nous to monitor the state of its users’ smart contracts and automate transactions in an efficient and transparent manner.

Tom Stuart, CEO of Nous Systems, commented: “We are very excited to finally announce the launch of Nous Fund, which is not only a pivotal moment for this company, but also for the financial services industry. In the past, asset management has been far too exclusive, accessible primarily only to those with significant wealth, and so the launch of Nous Fund represents the beginning of a new era of financial services for the 99%, attainable for anyone with as little as $100. We look forward to carrying on our mission to widen access to great financial tools and look forward to sharing many more products with our community in years to come.

Kristijan Zivcec, CTO of Nous Systems, added: “Blockchain technology enables us for the first time to create a decentralised asset management platform which doesn’t discriminate against any individual. This next generation of asset-management technology is characterised by its ability to ensure secure, reliable, and cost-efficient transactions. It is for this reason that we are thrilled to announce the adoption and successful integration of Chainlink technology into the Fund. Services such as Chainlink Keepers and Price Feeds will be instrumental in building the infrastructure needed to reduce the platforms need to rely on trusted third parties in both a transparent and secure manner.

About Nous Systems

Founded in 2021, Nous Systems is a European blockchain start-up pioneering in the use of non-fungible smart contracts to provide a decentralised network of investors with automated asset management services. Nous Systems is on a mission to build the world’s first decentralised hedge fund – promoting equal access to elite asset management and breaking down the wealth gap. Leveraging the outstanding technology developed by Chainlink, Polygon, and Glassnode, Nous Systems’ hopes to manage the assets of a diverse and global collective of investors, using a data-driven approach in the development of future investment products.

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