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ION Commodities advances trading and risk analytics with new FEA Analyzer


Powered by predictive analytics and stochastic models, FEA Analyzer unlocks new levels of insight and intelligence to drive the energy and commodity industry’s evolution.

LONDON – 25 APRIL 2022: ION Commodities, a global leader in energy and commodity management solutions, announces the launch of its latest innovation in trading and risk analytics, FEA Analyzer. Designed to address the needs of the energy and commodity industry, FEA Analyzer collates and analyzes complex business data enabling informed, real-time decision-making while maximizing profits across the value chain.

With the push towards net zero emissions, pressure is on energy and commodity firms to transition to new renewable energy markets while simultaneously optimizing trading strategies and supply chains. These changes further increase complexity and raise costs; as such, better control and visibility are critical for the industry to effectively navigate the energy transition and make every dollar count.

ION Commodities’ FEA Analyzer is a cloud-based solution that provides the intelligence and insight needed to empower such decision-making while looking for ways to optimize the value chain. Its three-in-one capabilities combine pre-trade analytics with advanced risk management and asset optimization, all powered by predictive analytics and stochastic models. Where the industry once relied on collating data from disparate sources, FEA Analyzer now provides a complete view of all business-critical data in one solution.

ION’s FEA Analyzer equips traders, risk managers, operators, and schedulers with pre-built optimization models that unlock business insights from data generated across their ecosystems. It continuously calculates extrinsic values and identifies risk factor exposures and sensitivities, optimizing profits throughout the contracts’ and physical assets’ lifecycle. FEA Analyzer provides recommendations on what, where and the optimal quantity to produce, buy, sell, consume, and store considering operating costs as well as technical constraints. Such levels of business intelligence and insight, based on continuous simulations and scenario analysis, uncover untapped profits and cost savings for energy and commodity firms when they need it most.

“At ION Commodities, we understand that the energy and commodity industry is at a critical point and the pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is an expensive ask. Our mission is to partner with our customers on their journey towards building a sustainable future,” says Sunil Biswas, Chief Product Officer at ION Commodities.

About ION

ION provides mission-critical trading and workflow automation software, high-value analytics and insights, and strategic consulting to financial institutions, central banks, governments, and corporates. Our solutions and services simplify complex processes, boost efficiency, and enable better decision-making. We build long-term partnerships with our clients, helping transform their business for sustained success through continuous innovation.

About ION Commodities

ION Commodities delivers data-driven energy and commodities trading and risk management solutions across the supply chain. Our scalable ETRM and CTRM solutions equip clients to use real-time risk analytics and reporting, minimize supply chain risks, automate critical business processes, and make faster, more informed decisions. We provide full support and transparency for procurement, supply, and trading to a global community of over 1,200 clients.

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