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Nous Systems debuts NFT investment platform with on-chain bond offering


London, 19 April 2022 – Pioneers in the on-chain asset management space, Nous Systems will supplement their fundraising strategy with a scheduled bond offering later this month.

The European blockchain start-up seeks to democratise access to investment with its decentralised investment vehicle Nous Fund, due to launch later this year. Using smart contracts, Nous’ mission is to overcome the need for complex third-party arrangements around traditional paper contracts – reducing overhead costs and protecting clients from excess risk in the process.

The global crypto asset management market in 2022 is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.50% until 2026. While there are a number of crypto hedge funds currently operating, they are mostly serving a centralised group of investors. Nous seeks to widen access to this exclusive investment landscape usually limited to a few insiders.

By combining decentralised smart contract infrastructure with a collection of automated trading processes, Nous will roll out a suite of on-chain investment products and democratise access to high-level strategies usually reserved for high net worth (HNW) clients. In reflection of its commitment to accessibility, Nous also operates on the basis of a minimum deposit of only $100.

The first of these products will take the form of a bond issuance; a set of two-year, fixed yield bonds at a return of 45% will be offered on 29th April 2022. The issuance will generate liquidity for the budding start-up as they debut their on-chain services, including arbitrage, futures trading, and hedging.

The unique trust-minimised environment enabled by smart contracts reduces counterparty risk. This allows investments to be processed autonomously, on a fixed schedule, and with full transparency. Members on Nous’ whitelist will have early access to the bond offering.

Tom Stuart, CEO of Nous Systems, said: “We are thrilled to announce our bond issuance, an important step for Nous’ development of a decentralised investment platform. Improving efficiency and transparency through smart contracts is key for our commitment to accessibility and transparency, opening up the investment process to as wide an audience as possible. We are pleased to be able to offer these high-return products to our members ahead of a wider offering.”

Kristijan Zivcec, CTO of Nous Systems, added: “This on-chain bond offering will provide us with the necessary liquidity to develop and improve the world’s first hedge fund built on the blockchain. 63% of investors see a gap in the digital capabilities of asset management platforms, and, utilising blockchain technology, Nous can truly transform the investment landscape into a fairer and more transparent environment. Decentralising wealth management is crucial if we are to fix the global wealth divide.”

About Nous Systems

Founded in 2021, Nous Systems is a European blockchain start-up pioneering in the use of non-fungible smart contracts to provide a decentralised network of investors with automated asset management services. Nous Systems is on a mission to build the world’s first decentralised hedge fund – promoting equal access to elite asset management and breaking down the wealth gap. Leveraging the outstanding technology developed by Chainlink, Polygon, and Glassnode, Nous Systems’ hopes to manage the assets of a diverse and global collective of investors, using a data-driven approach in the development of future investment products. 

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