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GKFX Launches its Own Online Trading Platform GKFX Trader


GKFX, Global Kapital Group’s (“GKG”) brokerage arm offering financial services in the EU, is pleased to announce the launch of its new online trading platform, GKFX Trader.

GKFX is on the verge of a new era, starting on a transformation journey to become a global investment platform to serve all clients’ investment needs. GKFX is now ready to announce the first step of this transformation journey, presenting its own trading platform, GKFX Trader.

The customers will be able to use GKFX Trader for all products that GKFX offers today, including FX and CFDs for indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrency. GKFX hinted further developments on the platform to offer global asset classes.

While developing GKFX Trader, the customer base, along with the general industry trends were deeply analysed to make sure the platform serves the diverse base with different needs.

GKFX Trader is designed to accommodate active traders who need to have access to a fully customizable and rich trading experience, such as one-click trading, placing orders on the chart, advanced charting and technical analysis tools, advanced order types, market depth and customizable workspaces. All of this and more can be done through the Trader screen.

On the other hand, the platform also accommodates the clients who prefer a simple and quick trading experience, a customizable watchlist with their favourite instruments, and trading right there from the Trader Screen. GKFX Trader’s Quick Trade functionality enables this both on the web and on mobile.

Moreover, taking into account that customer needs are not always the same throughout the day; GKFX customers have the option to dig deep through the Trader, and then use the Quick Trade later in the day to ensure they do not miss an important market opportunity!

By developing its own platform, GKFX is making a commitment to its customers to continue innovating and customizing based on their needs, to keep transforming to meet market demands, and to bring a competitive edge for its customers in serving their trading and investment needs.

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