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Hyprr to Integrate “The Blockchain for Brands”  


Hyprr the web 3 social media platform expands with multi-chain strategy commencing with the DigitalBits Blockchain 

LONDON, March 16, 2022 — Hyprr announced today that the Hyprr web 3 social media platform is expanding beyond their native blockchain (built on Cosmos) and will support multi-chain interoperability. The company has kicked off this expansion starting with DigitalBits, a blockchain attracting revolutionary brands, enabling digital experiences and enhanced connections for consumers and brands. The “blockchain for brands’, will now be optimised with a social landing hub for digital interactions on Hyprr’s fully integrated multi-layered platform. The integration of the DigitalBits blockchain, targeted for completion in May 2022, will diversify Hyprr’s range of creators and consumers, elevating the user experience for all. 

The DigitalBits ecosystem will experience the broad social NFT functionality and utility Hyprr offers through in-app social posts, premium content & exclusive live streams. In addition, the Hyprr platform enables split contracts for digital assets on both initial sales and royalties. This function paves the way for charitable donations, collaborations and fundraising projects. 

Daniele Mensi, DigitalBits Foundation Managing Director comments: “We are excited to welcome Hyprr into the DigitalBits ecosystem. Hyprr’s innovative, feature-rich platform provides the DigitalBits ecosystem with exciting digital experiences. With its powerful NFT functionality and utility, this combination of world-class blockchain technology and web 3 social media provides brands with an opportunity to reach new heights in engagement.” 

In recent months, the world has seen new partnerships with leading brands enter the DigitalBits ecosystem such as Inter Milan, AS Roma and Sony Pictures Italia, enabling the DigitalBits blockchain to rapidly expand its reach across the sporting and entertainment sectors.

This DigitalBits integration provides the Hyprr platform with a new level of brand-to-consumer relationships by building trust and confidence through first-hand engagement and interaction with fans.  

David Brierley Hyprr CEO comments: “This strategic integration of the DigitalBits blockchain provides Hyprr with access to an enriched ecosystem. Through combining this world class blockchain, brands can take advantage of our feature rich social platform and increase the scope of unique offerings. We are confident DigitalBits will become a leader in this space and we are excited to be joining this ecosystem on its journey to the top.” 

About Hyprr – Social Key to Web3 

In the current format, social media users provide web 2 platforms with large amounts of free content – forgoing ownership in the process. Web 2 architecture monopolises the advertising revenue of creator-built audiences, whilst providing no direct financial value to creators or consumers. Contributors to social platforms spend significant time building audiences yet rely on external affiliate partnerships and ecommerce sites to monetize their work.  

Hyprr, a web 3 social platform invites users to “Swap likes for Hypes”, operating on the “Create, Earn, Own” principle, encouraging creators to earn from their content, build their community and utilise its innovative NFT functionality. Hyprr is a contributor centric platform, that facilitates the distribution of content and sale/resale of digital assets all under one roof. 

About DigitalBits Blockchain 

DigitalBits is a layer-one blockchain protocol that prioritises security, speed, and cost-savings. Any asset can be tokenized on the DigitalBits blockchain, including NFTs created by artists, sports organisations and other brands. By making micropayments efficient and cost-effective, DigitalBits provides the foundation for real-world mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 

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