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TradingView hits record 550 million unique users


Pioneering champion of retail investors confirmed as world’s most popular investing website 

TradingView, recently confirmed as the world’s most popular investing website which uniquely provides non-professional ‘everyday’ people with the information, insight, trading and investing journey all in one place, has today reported a record-breaking 550 million unique users, signalling that the global ‘retail investor revolution’ is only just beginning.

Individual, non-professional people, or ‘retail investors’, in virtually every country in the world (over 180 countries) are now using TradingView to help inform their investment choices and to take control of their own personal financial decisions.

Fuelled by the recent global lockdowns, the worldwide influx of Gen-Z traders and rapidly-growing interest in stocks, markets and cryptocurrency, retail investors, who are forecast to spend $1 trillion on stocks and shares by end of 2021,[2] have become a critical force in financial markets.

TradingView, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, reported a 400% increase in membership accounts and a 237% increase in visitors in the past 18 months (since the start of the pandemic), and also recorded over 550 million unique users since the company’s formation in 2011… the equivalent of just over 7% of today’s global population.

TradingView’s record-breaking growth underpins the reality of the new global phenomenon of non-professional retail trading, dubbed the ‘retail revolution.’

TradingView is powered by market-leading charts, analysis tools and a thriving social network of 30 million people, which is accessible for all, and available at little or no cost. The TradingView platform provides every step of the trading journey in one place, from discovery and research to discussion and investment execution… intuitive for beginners, while also providing everything ‘advanced’ investors could wish for.

Users are particularly attracted by the clear appeal of participating in an active community of ‘everyday’ traders who look, learn, share ideas and often trade together, demonstrated by the fast-increasing engagement, posts and active users within TradingView, which is now confirmed as the world’s largest social network in the financial space, and clearly one of the most influential globally.

Commenting on TradingView’s scale and mission, James Maddison, Chief Vision Officer and lead spokesperson for TradingView, states:

“TradingView was created with the belief that educated participation in global markets is the best means of increasing individual financial wellbeing. All of our tools and features work towards this goal of allowing anyone, anywhere, to look, learn, and succeed through trading and investing… not just the privileged few.”

“Our scale, community and usage worldwide is now at record levels, with people in nearly every city, town and village in virtually every country in the world using TradingView. It’s clear from our sustained growth that the revolution is happening – one where the everyday person no longer wants just a company’s products, but also a share of its profits too. We’re witnessing a new market force with unparalleled potential to change the nature of our economies and societies over the next decade and beyond.”

About TradingView 

TradingView, which was founded in 2011, is the only platform in the world to provide the information, insight, trading and investing journey all in one place. Now, with over 30 million users, TradingView, in just 10 years, has become the most popular investing website in the history of the internet, accessible to all, and used in 180 countries.

TradingView’s global mission is to build a space where anyone anywhere can succeed through the financial markets and enjoy the process along the way.

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