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NFTs turn digital love into hard currency as Love NFT sold for $250k



NFTs turn Digital Love Into Hard Currency

As tweets have turned into assets, an invisible sculpture sold for €15,000, and the ‘Disaster Girl’ meme changed hands for an incredible $500,000, social media star Marti Renti made the latest historical NFT wave by selling her digital love for $250,000 on the Fanadise platform.

Is it possible to create digital love?
Love is not just a physical concept,” says Marti, “but physical love, platonic love, and digital love are all real – just as all of our thoughts and feelings are real. By creating my digital love, I am making a token out of something real that exists.

Among other things, Marti is known for her participation in shows such as Fame or Shame and Fame MMA, and her millions of followers on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok. Recently she also delved into the world of music, releasing her first single. With the success of the Love NFT and its sale, Marti has interesting thoughts about someone else now being the sole owner of her digital love.

“Digital means eternal,” explained the 25-year-old. “Things that are digitized will endure until the end of the world: photos, videos, memories – everything. I have always wanted Polish women to go down in history,” she says, “and I can already imagine which one of my pictures will appear in school textbooks. It’s the future, right?”

What’s next?
The cutting-edge transaction was executed on the Fanadise platform, which counts major influencer figures such as Stuart Burton (‘Stuu’) among its members.

We believe that next-generation social media will be all about owning digital goods as NFTs. Fanadise is the first influencer utility NFT platform where owners have real benefits and nothing is impossible. We’ve recently signed Influencers with over 100m fans like the Neffati Brothers, Zusje, Justyna Gradek, and many more. The idea of digital DNA as our digital entity is real, and so are digital emotions,” stated Bartek Sibiga, Co-Founder of Fanadise. “The process is secure and private – but we hope to discover which of Marti’s millions of other fans is now the owner of her love – and whether they plan to keep it as an investment or sell it on,” added Sibiga. 

Currently, Marti is working with Fanadise on the preparations to sell more groundbreaking forms of digital value; her digital DNA, emotions, tastes, and relations.

About Fanadise
Fanadise is an exclusive content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with followers to a whole new level.

About Marti Renti
Marti Renti is an influencer who consistently builds her position on the web. She is interested in a healthy and active lifestyle, and promotes this to her fans. She lived in a TikTok-er’s house and appeared in the cinema movie ‘’#Jestem M. Misfit’’. Marta Rentel was a participant in the new format Fame or Shame. In September 2020, she made her debut at the biggest freak fight federation FAME MMA, losing to Marta Linkiewicz. Marti is extremely popular on TikTok with over 2.4 million users. In addition, influencerka is active on Instagram and has been running a YouTube channel since June 2019 and developing a music career, recently releasing her first single. 

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