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Kinesis introduces yield payments on gold and silver activity within its Kinesis system


By digitising physical gold and silver and spending it via Kinesis, minters can earn a yield that competes with other traditional investments, all made possible by the application of blockchain

London, 1st July 2021,

Today, Kinesis, the digital monetary system for transacting gold and silver, achieves a global industry first, offering a yield on precious metals for the first time in economic history. With the launch of the Minter’s yield, Kinesis is evolving gold and silver from purely safe haven assets or tradable commodities, into assets that generate a recurring yield.

Within a week, all minters will receive a retroactive pay-out. The yield will be paid in physical gold and silver and distributed monthly to minters in perpetuity. This encourages people to use physical gold and silver in the economy, stimulating healthy economic growth as people are exchanging debt-free, value-based assets. 

This represents a true paradigm shift in the traditional economic model for precious metals and highlights Kinesis’ commitment to creating a fair and sustainable financial ecosystem based on physical assets and not driven by ballooning debt. By sharing its profits via yields, such as the Minter’s yield, Kinesis is rewarding participation in a fairer, more ethical, debt-free economy. Next month sees the launch of the Holder’s yield, a passive yield paid monthly on every gram of gold and silver held within the Kinesis system. 

Jai Bifulco of Kinesis, says: “The Minter’s yield is the next step on our mission to move beyond the modern debt-based economic system by integrating precious metals into financial transactions once more. 

“Minting represents an incredible investment vehicle. The traditional markets are looking very sketchy, but our yield allows people to park their wealth in something stable and earn a steady return based on transaction volume. And because it’s based on the transaction volume of a growing number of users, it can only generate a positive return, no matter what happens in the markets. All our indicators suggest that yields will be very strong, potentially beating many traditional asset classes, while allowing people to accumulate gold and silver.”

Minters are entitled to their share of the minter’s pool, which is 5% of all overall transaction fees within the Kinesis system. The payment goes back two years and Kinesis predicts the yield could outperform traditional assets, considering Kinesis now has 70,000 customers and its volumes have been rapidly rising, with 8.3 billion in volumes from January to May 2021.

Thomas Coughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Kinesis, adds: “This is more than just a historical moment for Kinesis, it is a world first. Providing a yield on gold and silver has never been done before. People are often confused why, and the simple answer is because there was no way to make sufficient profit because of the costs involved in buying and selling it. 

“Our blockchain-based system has turned that model on its head by focusing on the transaction fees. And by bringing gold and silver onto the blockchain and digitalising it, we can distribute a yield by sharing our profits. This is why we see ourselves as an honest, ethical, sustainable economic system that is not based on the wild debt of traditional monetary systems but based on sharing and community growth.”

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