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Talking about Regional Trends Disrupting Banking at Fintech-Aviv


Each year, the Israeli Tech ecosystem gets louder. Each year, more and more people are gaining awareness of the sophistication of tech coming out of Israel. Each year, the Fintech-Aviv Annual Summit showcases developments to the rest of the world.

Like each year, people interested in Fintech from all over the world tuned in. 30% of them from North America, 25% of them from Western Europe, 15% from Central Eastern Europe, 14% of them from the UK and 10% from Asia. The sheer numbers of participants from regions across the world is testament to the success of what the team at Fintech-Aviv have created.

If you want to know more about why, here is a Tweet from Fintech-Aviv that showcases some of the most valuable and fastest growing FinTech companies:

Nir Netzer is the charismatic Chairman of Fintech-Aviv. He has been helping champion Israeli Tech for more than 7 years now. Netzer led a panel at the Annual Summit about the international tech landscape and trends prevalent in different regions of the world.

Speakers at the panel included Khalid Dannish, CEO of Bahrain FinTech Bay; Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO of Copenhagen FinTech; and Andrew Samu, Features Editor of #DisruptionBanking in London.

The panel started with Dannish introducing participants to the Bahrain eco-system. He explained how the government as well as major stakeholders in Bahrain are taking Fintech seriously.

Samu continued by commenting on the new catchphrase floating around London, ie. ‘Singapore-on-the-Thames’ as well as how Banks embracing Crypto appear to be the ones embracing Technology and Innovation too.

Jensen then shed some light on the Nordic Fintech trends. One of the trends he commented on seeing more was ‘Embedded Finance’, as well as an overhaul of Wealth Management. He also commented on the recent acquisition by leading Nordic fintech Lunar, of Swedish lending firm Lendify:

The discussion continued apace with further points of innovation raised between the participants and Netzer.

At the end the participants discussed their forecasts for Fintech trends going forward. Some of these trends included Quantum computing, SPACs, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Digitalisation of SMEs and the growth of Unicorns from the Gulf Cooperation Council region (GCC)

The full video link is here:

Companies who attended Fintech-Aviv include global players like Amazon Web Services, Refinitiv, Facebook, VISA, ING Bank, Commerz Ventures, Deloitte Catalyst and many others.

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