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Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact


We are delighted to announce that Themis has been accepted as a Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. We are proud to be part of a global network of over 9,500 companies and 3,000 non-business participants that are committed to building a sustainable future.

Themis is a purpose-driven business that works to reduce the global impacts of financial crime. Financial crime is a very real and evolving problem, and the impact on the economy, the environment and society is profound. Our business is fully aligned with the UN Global Compact principles, and the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals lie at the heart of everything we do.

In particular, our core business is to help clients and members identify and manage their specific financial crime risks. By supporting others with our insight, intelligence and innovation, we aim to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies. To us, tackling financial crime means ending exploitation and trafficking, promoting the rule of law, reducing corruption and bribery, and strengthening relevant national institutions for building capacity to prevent violence, combat terrorism and deter criminals.

Dickon Johnstone, CEO Themis said “As a business we believe in constantly striving to do better for people and planet. We have set ourselves ambitious targets to support our team, to manage our impact on the environment and to contribute to a thriving global economy. We are also committed to contributing to other UN SDGs through the work we do on fighting modern slavery and human trafficking, and the illegal wildlife trade, and through our public private partnerships.”

About Themis

Themis helps organisations identify and manage the specific financial crime risks that they are exposed to, through a combination of insight, intelligence and innovation.

Financial crime is a very real and evolving problem. It has been described as “a cancer on our society” and “an issue of international security.” Not only is the scale of illicit activity in the trillions of £s, but the impact on all of our businesses, the economy and society is profound. 

In this way, we are fuelling sustainable change in the public and private sector.

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