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Sustainability with the UK Wealthtech Kingpins


There are some platforms that far surpass others in watching super trends.

One of those super trends is that of sustainability which began with the green bond movement which has been picking up steam from central banks in the last few years, although the EU might be a little behind the curve as they only published their usability guide of green bonds just last month.

Private (although with the recent Fed actions is any company private today) Financial Institutions have been underwriting more and more of these bonds. Danske Bank noted that “global green bond issuance reached US$263 billion in 2019, a 40% increase from 2018”.

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So it was of little surprise that members of Level39, Europe’s best-connected FinTech accelerator, have begun to pick up on it.

Such as Sensonomic’s partnership last week with Europe’s largest olive oil producer, Innoliva.

Or Foxberry, another ‘Level39er’, proudly announcing that the assets that track their Sustainability Consensus suite of indices now surpass $1 billion.

Henrik Brunlid, CEO at Foxberry, noted that “the Sustainability Consensus family has struck a chord with investors across Europe looking to future-proof sustainability investing, accelerated by its strong outperformance vs. respective market year-to-date.”

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The Wealth Mosaic, the leading Wealthtech Aggregator, has not forgotten it. On that platform, a search for “sustainability” yields 103 firms supporting it.

And as DisruptionBanking wrote late last month in our “Fintech, Cash and Complexity Economics” piece, there is something to be said for fintechs helping out to jump-start the economy via complexity economics.

This particularly applies to a coronavirus-induced economic depression where one of the more critical aspects to address is food supply lines. Firms’ involvement in sustainability themes brings them closer to this concept.

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As the world begins a faster shift towards decentralized food production, companies like Sensonomic, Foxberry and BABB will be instrumental in food delivery.

As long as supporting institutions and players like HSBC, Wealth Mosaic and Level39 continue to provide systemic support of course.

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