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NatWest’s neobank Bó launches in the UK


NatWest is a formative bank in the Fintech space, as shown by the ability of customers to open bank accounts via selfies, their agility SME-lending Rapid Capital solution and pioneering steps into biometric payments.

With their continued focus on innovation and the need to combat new digital-only banking rivals, NatWest has launched their own standalone neobank, . Built on new technology as a digital, cloud-based bank with its own Faster Payments connection, Bó has been specifically designed to help individuals control their daily spending by encouraging them to budget, set targets and track their progress.

Data collected from 2.6 million anonymized NatWest customers was analyzed in July 2019 and gained insights into key facts. The analysis found that half of these customers spend everything they earn, whilst an additional quarter consistently spend more than their income. And that for people with an income of less than £100k, there is no link between income and the amount of income saved. In other words, the issue is behavioural. The data will also help Bó’s customers build the habits that will help them manage money for the future, the features available in the app have been built to replicate the behaviour of successful savers, with input from experts in behaviour change and money management.

According to Bó, individuals can use the app to:

Separate spending money from bills: Transfer spending money to Bó so you can manage it better.

Keep tabs on spending: Get instant alerts whenever you use your card so you know what you’ve spent and where.

Get to know spending habits: See everything you buy listed by retailer, category and location.

Feel on top of money: Create a Spending Budget to help you save towards your goals.

Save little by little: Set a Bó goal and start putting money in your Piggy Bank.

Spend like a local: Experience more abroad with great Visa exchange rates.

The Chief Executive of Bó, Mark Bailie, commented:

“In this digital, contactless age, people need support managing their money more than ever. It is all too easy to lose control. Our data suggests that three quarters of people in the UK are living financially unsustainable lives. We want to help change this.

“We are launching Bó to help people build the habits and routines that will allow them do money better day-by-day and week after week so they can fund their lives and lifestyles in a more sustainable way.

“As we’re part of NatWest, people can rely on Bó to keep their money safe. But as a digital bank, built entirely on a separate cloud-based technology, Bó is also able to harness new technology and develop rapidly in line with our customers’ needs and expectations.

“With Bó we have an opportunity to help address a genuine societal need and to be a positive force in our customers’ lives. Our aim is to transform the nation’s attitudes and behaviour around money and I’m hugely excited to see what we can achieve.”

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