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Erste and Cellum partner for e-payments solution

Erste Bank and Cellum Partner

Erste Bank and Cellum Partner

Budapest – 2019. May 6. – Erste MobilePay is stepping it up a notch. Thanks to the expertise of Cellum’s software engineers, the recently upgraded application will now have NFC (near-field communication) function. As of May 7th, Erste customers will be able to use their android smart phones as a debit card at any vendor equipped with contactless POS terminals, by using the new NFC feature in the Erste MobilePay application. As of June, for the first time in Hungary, Visa cards will also be compatible.

Once a bankcard has been registered in the Erste MobilePay app, the NFC function can be enabled with just a few steps. Users are guided through the process with tips and hints to activate the new feature.

With the so-called “express” payment – purchases under 5000 HUF – smartphones don’t even have to be unlocked just simply ‘woken up’ with the touch of a button. The smartphone should be held by the terminal just like one would do with a bankcard; the device signals with vibration, after which a push notification will alert customers of the successful payment. As an additional security measure, purchases above 5000 HUF must be confirmed by either a fingerprint scan or password.

Transactions can also be completed without internet connection. Back-end processes and security measures are made possible with Mastercard and Visa tokenization.

“Erste MobilePay is the European flagship application of Cellum. It’s appealing, clever, safe and simple. Coins are no longer needed for parking, standing in queue to pay for bills is a thing of the past and bank cards are no longer necessary for payment in a physical store. I, myself, am an Erste customer, though even if I weren’t, the application would be a good enough incentive to make a switch” – said János Kóka, CEO of Cellum Global.

Erste MobilBank is used by hundreds of thousands of Erste customers on a daily basis. These clients will be the number on beneficiaries of the new feature, enabling them to use their smartphones not only for online shopping but also for physical, ‘one-touch’ purchases.

It is expected that over ten thousand digitized bankcards will emerge through the app by the end of this year. This will be made available to Erste clients with Android devices from May 7th, by registering their Erste Mastercard or Maestro. As of June, the application will be available to Visa holders as well.

“The Erste MobilePay renewal in November exceeded all expectations. The number of active users and transactions have tripled. With the new NFC function, the application has become more appealing for clients as it allows them to only have to carry their smartphones and use as a bank card, since purchases can be made at all vendors with compatible POS terminals” – said László Harmati, Deputy CEO of Erste Bank.

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