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MBH Bank and Finshape’s Journey to Unified Mobile Banking


In a historic union, Hungary’s banking landscape witnessed the merger of Budapest Bank and MKB Bank in March 2022, and Takarékbank in April 2023, birthing MBH Bank on May 1, 2023. 

At the beginning of this year, MBH Bank successfully launched its unified mobile banking application, marking a significant stride in its mission to redefine retail customer’s digital banking experiences.  

With a collective balance sheet exceeding HUF 11,785 billion (approx. $32.4 million USD), MBH Bank emerged as Hungary’s second-largest banking group post-merger. However, the real challenge lies in harmonising disparate IT systems, each with its unique infrastructure, processes, and workflows, to deliver a seamless customer experience.  

To navigate this complex landscape, MBH Bank enlisted the expertise of Finshape, with prior engagements with two of the merging institutions. The task was monumental: develop the MBH Bank App, a mobile banking platform, integrating elements from Budapest Bank’s existing application while accommodating evolving requirements and tight timelines.  

Effective communication and collaboration were essential throughout the project. Finshape worked tirelessly to standardise diverse logic from previous systems, ensuring a cohesive user experience. The result was an app with upgraded and novel functionalities tailored to meet MBH Bank’s standards.  

“Finshape is honoured to have collaborated with MBH Bank in this historic endeavour. Our team’s dedication and expertise were key in overcoming the complexities of merging different systems and delivering a cutting-edge mobile banking application. This project exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving innovation and setting new standards in digital banking.” – Vitályos Áron, Sales Director, Finshape.  

“Collaborating with Finshape has significantly enhanced our operations. Their ability to deliver high-quality software on time, particularly for our complex projects with numerous integrations, is exceptional. With Finshape’s decades of experience and proven reliability, we have found a low-risk, high-value partner that consistently meets our needs and exceeds our expectations.” Roland Pecsenye, Chief Digital Officer, MBH Bank 

Finshape’s deep understanding of local market dynamics and unparalleled architectural expertise were instrumental in navigating the complex Hungarian banking landscape.  

Moreover, Finshape’s ability to assemble a proficient team of professionals, adept at streamlining workflows and adhering to strict deadlines, played a key role in the app’s timely delivery. Through resilience and adaptability, Finshape ensured the successful completion of the project, earning the trust and commendation of MBH Bank.  

About Finshape:

Finshape is a solutions provider with 30+ years of experience, focused on innovation in the financial services industry. They empower banks and financial institutions to improve the digital banking experience and operational efficiency for more than 100 banks in Europe and the Middle East.

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