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Innovating in the Lone Star State: Why You Need to Follow Texas Blockchain Council


In the fast-paced world of finance, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. That’s why DisruptionBanking, your trusted source for cutting-edge financial news, is here to help ensure that our readers follow the Texas Blockchain Council (TBC).

It’s not just because of what Lee Bratcher, the President of the TBC, and the team have achieved over the years. It’s also due to how Texas Blockchain Council regularly appears on investment platforms and news sites like TradingView, Reuters or Bloomberg.

“Texas is poised to become the jurisdiction of choice for bitcoin, blockchain, and digital asset innovation”

Lee Bratcher, President

Why you Need to Follow Texas Blockchain Council

Many of our readers work in banking and they understand the importance of staying informed about emerging trends and regulatory developments. DisruptionBanking has established itself as your go-to destination for insightful and timely analysis of the latest developments shaping banking and financial services. Whether it’s decentralized finance (DeFi), digital assets, payments innovation, AI analytics or regulatory updates, DisruptionBanking brings you exclusive commentary from industry experts. We demystify complex topics and identify trends that will disrupt traditional finance. Our network of contributors provides unique perspectives on the intersection of emerging tech and Wall Street. From blockchain to open banking APIs, you’ll get the knowledge you need to stay ahead.

Announcing the Exciting TBC Partnership We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between DisruptionBanking and the Texas Blockchain Council (TBC). Led by President Lee Bratcher, TBC is on the frontlines of advancing blockchain technology through policy initiatives and legislative engagement in Texas. With a focus on spurring innovation while protecting consumers, TBC aims to foster a thriving blockchain ecosystem in the state.

Their (TBC) recent legislative successes have positioned Texas as an emerging leader in blockchain adoption and thoughtful regulation. TBC’s engagement with policymakers and regulators has helped drive meaningful progress on issues like grid reliability, digital asset custody, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and more. By partnering with TBC, DisruptionBanking aims to provide our readers with unparalleled insights into the trends, opportunities, and policy developments shaping the blockchain landscape in Texas and beyond. Stay tuned as we bring you exclusive interviews with TBC leadership and members, as well as cutting-edge analysis of new blockchain regulations and use cases coming out of the Lone Star State. We look forward to exploring this fast-moving space together!

TBC’s Legislative Successes

The Texas Blockchain Council has achieved major legislative victories for the blockchain industry in recent sessions. Thanks to their advocacy and expertise, several bills have been passed to foster innovation while protecting consumers.

One of TBC’s most significant accomplishments was the passage of HB 4474 in 2021, which established one of the nation’s first comprehensive frameworks for digital asset depository institutions. This legislation provides critical legal clarity for companies operating in the cryptocurrency space.

Additionally, TBC championed SB 1152, which enables companies to hold board meetings and maintain financial records using blockchain-based networks. This modernizes corporate governance laws to accommodate distributed ledger technology.

Other wins include HB 1576, which created a sandbox for small blockchain startups to test innovations, as well as SB 1457, which updated the state’s Uniform Commercial Code to cover digital assets.

By securing the passage of these forward-thinking bills, TBC has firmly established Texas as a welcoming environment for blockchain entrepreneurs. Their ability to work effectively with lawmakers demonstrates why TBC is regarded as an influential voice in promoting blockchain-friendly policies.

Another big legislative success was the passing of the HB 1666 to protect Texas consumers’ investments in digital assets.

TBC’s Commitment to Blockchain Growth

The Texas Blockchain Council is committed to fostering the responsible growth of blockchain technology across multiple sectors in the state. This includes a strong focus on consumer protection, grid stability, and thoughtful integration of blockchain into finance, healthcare, real estate, and other key industries.

TBC recognizes both the transformative potential and possible risks associated with blockchain innovation. That’s why the council advocates for policies that promote economic opportunities while also establishing necessary safeguards. For example, TBC supports regulations for stablecoins and exchanges to protect consumers from fraud or loss. At the same time, TBC works to modernize regulations so that blockchain networks can integrate with legacy systems.

Upgrading grid infrastructure is another priority, allowing energy markets to manage increased computing power needs.

Enabling blockchain networks to interface with existing banking and finance systems is another goal.

Overall, TBC takes a balanced approach – embracing the promise of blockchain but also acknowledging the real-world complexities of integrating new technologies. With expertise across sectors, the council can meaningfully contribute to discussions around implementing blockchain in healthcare data management, supply chain tracking, real estate transactions, and more. TBC’s legislative agenda isn’t about short term wins, but rather about laying the groundwork for blockchain innovation to thrive responsibly for decades to come. This commitment to sustainable, long-term growth allows Texas to capitalize on the next generation of digital transformation.

Positioning Texas as a Blockchain Leader

Through effective advocacy and strategic partnerships, TBC has been instrumental in cementing Texas’ reputation as a prime destination for blockchain innovation and investment. TBC’s close collaboration with Texas lawmakers has led to the passage of several pieces of legislation that create a favorable environment for blockchain companies. This includes laws that provide common-sense regulation of digital asset companies while also giving them the flexibility to innovate.

For example, TBC worked closely with Texas legislators on SB 474, which recognizes digital currencies under commercial law and establishes standards for storing cryptocurrency reserves. This provides legal clarity and consumer protections without stifling innovation.

TBC has also been a leader in advocating for favorable tax policies related to blockchain companies and digital asset investments in Texas. Thanks in part to TBC’s efforts, Texas does not impose state income tax on cryptocurrencies held over a year or blockchain companies relocating to the state. This tax advantage, combined with sensible regulations, has made Texas one of the top destinations for blockchain companies looking to set up offices or headquarters.

Major industry players like Bitmain, Ripple, BlockFi, and others have established significant presences in Texas. Through TBC’s effective advocacy, partnerships, and leadership, Texas has emerged as a blockchain capital – attracting investment, spurring innovation, and positioning the state for continued growth and leadership in this transformative industry.

Providing Readers With Exclusive Insights

Through our exciting new partnership with the Texas Blockchain Council, DisruptionBanking is committed to providing our readers, including investment bankers and financial professionals, with exclusive access to valuable insights and opportunities in the emerging blockchain space.

As the leading voice for blockchain innovation and adoption in Texas, TBC offers unparalleled insight into new developments in regulation, policy, and technology. Their direct engagement with lawmakers and regulators provides a unique vantage point into key trends and upcoming legislation impacting the blockchain ecosystem. DisruptionBanking will leverage this exclusive access to deliver incisive analysis straight from the source.

Expect to see interviews with TBC leadership and council members as they drive critical conversations on spurring innovation while protecting consumers. We’ll also provide summaries and implications of new bills and regulatory moves as TBC continues to shape policy at the bleeding edge of digital asset expansion.

Empowering Readers to Stay Ahead

Staying up-to-date on the latest trends, regulations, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving blockchain space is essential for success. Through our partnership with TBC, DisruptionBanking provides readers exclusive access to the insights and connections needed to get ahead. For example, TBC’s involvement at the state policy level gives our readers an inside look at emerging regulations and how they may impact blockchain innovation and investment in Texas.

As blockchain technology continues maturing, regulatory clarity will be key. TBC’s advocacy ensures readers understand the regulatory landscape and how to navigate it. In addition, DisruptionBanking and TBC provide coverage of the trends shaping the future of blockchain and digital assets. Whether it’s the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), growth of tokenization and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or increasing enterprise blockchain adoption, readers will stay informed. Our analysis empowers readers to capitalize on these developments.

We also connect readers directly with the innovators and stakeholders driving blockchain advancement. From TBC members to startup founders, our exclusive interviews and insights showcase the people and projects to watch. Readers gain exposure to promising investment opportunities.

With blockchain poised to disrupt many industries, the opportunities for growth and innovation are tremendous. But realizing that potential requires the right knowledge. Through our collaboration with TBC, DisruptionBanking provides the trusted insights and perspective readers need to stay ahead of the curve. The future of finance is decentralizing rapidly – let us be your guide.

Embarking on an Exciting Journey

The possibilities enabled by blockchain technology seem endless – from revolutionizing finance to transforming supply chains and disrupting countless industries. With so much potential yet to be unlocked, the journey ahead promises to be an exciting one.

Our collaboration with the Texas Blockchain Council represents more than just an alliance – it’s an opportunity to explore the frontier of blockchain innovation together. By providing our readers with unmatched insights and a front row seat to the policy developments shaping the industry’s future, we hope to empower them to become active participants in this journey.

At DisruptionBanking, we firmly believe that information and ideas are at the heart of meaningful progress. Our partnership with TBC brings us one step closer to our vision of delivering the knowledge readers need to thrive in the digital economy.

The potential of blockchain to transform finance and society is astounding. But realizing that potential will require collaboration and community. Join us on this journey of discovery. Together, we can learn, grow and innovate. The future starts now – let’s meet it head on.

Author: Andy Samu

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