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Recommended Events for Quants by Disruption Banking


September, 2023 – London

Disruption Banking, a publication based out of Level39, Canary Wharf, London and owned by Digital Startup Ltd, has finalized its long term event partner strategy.  

The editorial team who curate content for DisruptionBanking endeavor to support the tech, fintech, digital assets, and banking specific space are behind this initiative. Maintaining a strong ecosystem is essential, with this in mind DisruptionBanking has now agreed long term media partnerships into 2024. These events are highly recommended for professionals representing both sides of the investment banking space. Buy side and sell side.

DisruptionBanking has a dedicated place for all things related to events: Events • Disruption Banking. Content in this category is shared on social media. It includes content from our key event partners. This includes Quant Strats, Black Tech Day, Unchain Fintech Festival, The North American Blockchain Summit, Singapore Fintech Festival, and more.

“Many of our readers are investors. They are able to understand the value of events the most. Because events are an investment,” Andrew Samu shared. “Vendors can offer insights into new products and trends. New contacts can help you leverage your social circle. But most importantly you never know whom you will meet at the next event you attend.”

At Disruption Banking we Recommend Events with our Prestigious Partners in the Buy Side, Sell Side and Digital Assets space:

  • Quant Strats Europe (24 October, London)

At Quant Strats Europe 2023, learn from over 50 speakers and network with leading minds from hedge funds, assets managers and investment banks. To discuss exactly how to use generative AI to its potential, optimise your quant investment tools and processes amidst this period of market uncertainty, while managing risk and increasing your returns.

Find out more: Quant Strats 2023 » Agenda day 1 – 24th October 2023 (

  • Quant Strats US (March 2024, New York)

Discover the quantitative tools, techniques and processes to elevate your quant strategies. Learn from over 50 speakers from hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks on how to apply model-based quant strategies, leverage technology and utilise risk management to ensure maximum return on your investments.

Find out more: Quant Strats US 2024 (

See also: Low Inflation, High Inflation, and a bit of Recession (

  • The Digital Asset Conference (6 November, London)

Since 2017, the Quant Conference has been the crucible where finance and innovation converge. Now, building upon this legacy, we proudly present The Digital Asset Conference. As we steer towards our 6th event, we’re forging a fresh path that unites traditional financial powerhouses with the leading crypto firms. The Digital Asset Conference is the crossroads where finance’s history and future meet.

Find out more: The Digital Asset Conference | London | 6 November

For Blockchain and Digital Assets Regulatory Professionals:

  • North American Blockchain Summit (15 – 17 November, 2023, Fort Worth)

Texas is embracing bitcoin mining and digital assets like no other state. Our summit will be a transformative experience that helps you ignite our State’s leadership role in these emerging industries.

Join 1,500+ industry professionals, elected officials, and policy makers making Texas the jurisdiction of choice for bitcoin, blockchain, and digital asset innovation.

Find out more: 2023 North American Blockchain Summit Tickets at Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth by Texas Blockchain Council | Tixr

Other Buy-Side and Sell-Side events for your calendar:

  • Battle of the Quants London 2023 (18 October, London)
  • Battle of the Quants Hong Kong 2023 (6 December, Hong Kong)
  • Battle of the Quants New York 2024 (TBC)

In our eighteenth year of hosting the leading quantitative event worldwide, the Battle of the Quants, has become the definitive space for investors, managers, data buyers and data providers looking for key industry influencers, decision makers and investment opportunities. The Battle of the Quants curates highly relevant discussions leading the way into the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data sets and digital assets. Meet the creators behind the machines and engage in the most relevant topics determining the future of the global financial system.

Find out more: LONDON 2023 ( and HONG KONG 2023 (

  • InvestOps London (16 – 18 October, London)
  • InvestOps US (11 – 13 March, Ordlando)

Connecting you to more leaders from the world’s top Buy Side firms than anyone else. Where you really find out what the leading Buy Side firms are doing to transform investment operations people,  processes and tech strategies for today and tomorrow.

Find out more: InvestOps Europe 2023 ( and InvestOps USA 2024 (

  1. Fixed Income Leaders Summit Europe (2 – 4 October, Barcelona)
  2. Fixed Income Leaders Summit US (12 – 14 June, Boston)

Join 50+ solution focused sessions led by over 70 buy side heads of Fixed Income trading and portfolio management to gain practical insights on how to adapt your execution and investment strategy and future-proof your desk.

Find out more: Fixed Income Leaders 2023 ( and Fixed Income Leaders USA 2024 (

About Digital StartUps

Digital StartUps is a publisher and digital marketing agency which closely follows financial innovation and regulation. The company engages with content creators to help raise awareness of critical global issues.

Digital StartUps strategic publishing arm #DisruptionBanking creates relationships with companies from across the world every day.

Well established within the prestigious Level39 fintech incubator in Canary Wharf, Digital StartUps is a key member of the technology and innovation ecosystems. Each year over one and half million users across the world interact with the content created by the team at Digital StartUps.

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