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The First Black Tech Day in London


A few months ago #DisruptionBanking’s editorial team were visiting various events across London as is normal. One event stuck out though. Organized by Mike Davies, who was nurturing the Digital Skills Hub community from Croydon College, the event had a good turnout. Most of the people were entrepreneurs and business leaders from various parts of South London. One of them was Dexter.

Before the Dexter element is explained, it’s important to remember that whilst there were entrepreneurs, startup founders and others at the event. There were also a select few students who were looking for guidance about how to plan their careers. And, as is often the case at events, some important topics were discussed. One of the topics focussed on who your role model was.

One by one the young people in the room gave their opinion. Zuckerberg, Bezos, Musk, the usual nominations.

Unknown to them, Dexter Simms was one of the attendees in the room. An award winning entrepreneur, mentor, community leader, public speaker. Founder of #MulaCake, one of the top brands hitting urban fashion markets. Who is also quite well versed in all things digital assets and NFT.

Dexter responded to the young people’s suggestions. He asked them why they didn’t look up to someone who represented their ethnicity? Why don’t they look up to a black entrepreneur?

The Path to Black Tech Day

Growing up in South London isn’t a walk in the park. Thousands of people live in what can only be described as ‘underprivileged’ conditions. It’s also a community that has helped forge Dexter over the years. The road from Big Bad Blue to the accomplished business leader that Dexter is today has not been easy.

Today Dexter tries to give back. He regularly takes part in local events and networking with local entrepreneurs. He doesn’t head up to Central London every week to hang out with the crème de la crème of the metaverse and crypto. Dexter is all about community. The South London community.

Over the years Dexter has hosted several Tech School Taster Days. Parents and students alike attend the events to find out more about crypto, NFTs, virtual reality, artificial intelligence. The events are always a bit different. And there is always a lot of entertainment and engagement. You can find out more on TikTok.

Dexter took the time to tell me about how crypto has been pivotal in his ability to give back to the community. “Crypto taught me that you have to have proof of concept,” he explained. “You have to have proof of work, and you must have social proof. I use that same philosophy.”

How does the ‘Proof of Concept’ look?

Dexter started to host Tech Taster Days to show ‘proof of concept’. The concept of parents and children learning about finance together. Learning about gaming together. Helping them communicate better with each other about important topics. People gave their feedback. It was something that people wanted more. There was a need.

One of the attendees was a lady whom Dexter described as a ‘serial volunteer’. Additionally she was a single mum. Her son came along with her to the event as he wanted to learn to be more confident. “They came to ‘try’ a tech school,” Dexter highlighted.

There was more to the story. As a ‘volunteer’ it was hard to see how mum was able to show the right amount of self-esteem to help guide her son. But her son was also her whole life. Her whole world. All she wanted to do is see him happy.

Today? Mum has investments in crypto and NFTs. She is confident. Her son has investments in crypto and NFTs. She has a good job. Against the odds.

“That shows that our teachers from our ‘tech school’ breed that result.” Dexter summarized.

Who is the Supreme Baker?

The editorial team at #DisruptionBanking are renowned for covering challenging topics like our story about DeFi’s Oracle Problem, with ChainLinkGod. In the same vein as the concept of cypherpunks or the advent of NFT Bored Apes, Mula Cake is creating a Web3 buzz. The company was founded by Dexter in 2013 and has swiftly moved into the ‘minting’ and metaverse or ‘baking’ space.  

Today there is a large following on Twitter and Instagram that shows just how forward-thinking the Mula Cake team is. The companies bakers are out and about spreading the word about blockchain and NFTs to people for whom this knowledge can make a difference. This has been going on since 2011.

Described as a community of bakers, Mula Cake Bakery engages people of all ages to set out to bake a great big community cake (NFT). Learning about blockchain while they bake.

Dexter leads the initiative to spread the metaverse message in his role as Supreme Baker. A terminology that clearly appeals to the younger generation across South London. And Mula Cake Bakery would be launched at the upcoming first ever Black Tech Day this August in Croydon, he explained.

Why Black Tech Day is Important

Crime is rife across most of South London. Most days you hear about terrible things that happen on the streets of towns like Croydon, Brixton or Streatham, to name a few. And this criminal and anti-social behavior mainly affects the underprivileged. Giving the younger generation the chance to learn about financial independence is important. Getting involved with gaming. Explaining the metaverse. Learning about these important topics together with parents. It’s not just South London that needs this type of initiative.

We also talked about leading figures like Adrian Lester and Troy Deeney. Both figures who have tried to inspire a new generation of black youngsters. Importantly Emmanuel Asuquo and Big Narstie will be coming along to support the event. Emmanuel has appeared regularly on mainstream TV in the UK, whilst Big Narstie is a Channel 4 TV show presenter.

The first ever Black Tech Day is just the start. Dexter wants to spread the word across the world, wherever there are underprivileged people who can benefit from the message that Mula Cake Bakery and Black Tech Day can deliver. The people’s whose lives can be changed for the better.  

Dexter is fighting hard in the trenches. There are opportunities to give back to the community. The team at #DisruptionBanking will be giving him a hand and getting involved with the First Black Tech Day on August 19 in Croydon. Contact the Supreme Baker if you feel you can help out too.


Author: Andy Samu

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  1. What an inspiring read Dexter is a great role model.
    Really good to see Andy covering this cutting edge and clearly popular event.
    Here is to plenty more of them

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