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Is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) a remedy for FTX & BlockFi-like Collapses?


In light of the recent collapse of centralized finance (CeFi) businesses; BlockFi and FTX. It is worth considering how decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms (e.g. the Genius Yield platform) can offer safety, rewards, and a voice in how things are run.

What Benefits do DeFi Platforms Give Everyday People?

What’s the Difference Between CeFi and DeFi?

The main, fundamental difference is the issue of custody. 

CeFi platforms require you to deposit your assets with them. And, while they technically still belong to you, they have control over them. In DeFi however, you are in full custody and control of your assets.

CeFi is custodial, DeFi is non-custodial.

In simple terms, with DeFi, only you can do anything with your assets. And no mystery third-party player can take them from you.

How Does Genius Yield Help Individual Users?

Most people don’t have the in-depth financial experience to safely navigate traditional financial products. However, Genius Yield users benefit from the platform’s underlying mission statement:

Democratizing DeFi for Everyone

Under this banner, Genius Yield aims to remove all hurdles. It provides simple, easy-to-navigate interfaces that require little prior knowledge of financial products.

What little knowledge may be required can easily be gained from their Genius Academy.

Decentralized Financial Solutions.

Smart Liquidity Vaults

As stated earlier, DeFi provides similar tools to CeFi (as well as some only available on DeFi) but leaves a user’s assets in their control. DeFi products are being built with incredibly powerful functionality married to intuitive interfaces. Allowing regular people to get great returns on their investments.

An example of these trailblazing products is Genius Yield’s Smart Liquidity Vaults. These sit on top of their decentralized exchange (DEX) and give users the opportunity to provide liquidity to the DEX. At the same time AI-powered bots execute advanced trading strategies for them to maximize yield returns. 

This all happens under the hood. All the user has to do is choose their initial management strategy option and their off!

Whilst products similar to these exist in the CeFi realm, remember, DeFi is non-custodial. Users are in charge of everything.

Oh, and the platform auto-compounds the rewards, further increasing returns.

$GENS Staking Program

Many DeFi platforms have their own utility token that holders can access further benefits.

$GENS is the native token of the Genius Yield platform. It allows holders to fully utilize the potential of the Genius Yield platform. Holding and staking the GENS token offers a host of additional utilities:

  • 20% of the trading fees from the Genius DEX will be redistributed to participants of the $GENS staking program
  • 20% of the Smart Liquidity Vault fees will be redistributed to $GENS staking program participants
  • Governance rights – participants gain voting power in the future development of the Genius Yield platform.
  • Access to premium content and discounts in the Genius Academy educational platform
  • Genius Pay crypto wallet – additional perks 

To access these utilities, token holders can stake their $GENS tokens in the Genius staking app.

$GENS tokens are now available to buy through their public sale.

The Genius Academy

The biggest barrier to both entry and security is knowledge. It is the responsibility of DeFi platforms to arm their users with everything they need to keep their hard-earned investments safe.

Many DeFi platforms have adopted the “Academy” strategy; providing users with “how to” articles, educational material and videos. The Genius Academy is an excellent example of this. 

Regardless of experience, Genius Academy users can learn about DeFi concepts like DEX, NFTs, liquidity pools, order books, concentrated liquidity, oracles, and more.

Using the educational material, users can confidently navigate DeFi protocols or cryptocurrency networks like Cardano as they inch closer to financial freedom.

Final Thoughts

So, is DeFi a remedy for the shortfallings of centralized finance? 

Well, yes! 

That is the entire point of DeFi. Removing the middlemen and allowing everyone with an internet connection to have secure control over their finances.

DeFi is what financial freedom looks like!

About Genius Yield

While DeFi provides many investment opportunities, managing capital is both complex and time-consuming. Genius Yield is your all-in-one solution to benefit from advanced algorithmic trading strategies and yield optimization opportunities. Our Smart Liquidity Management protocol is intuitive, hassle-free, and secure. Genius Yield minimizes risk and maximizes profits.

Genius Yield was designed to address the complexity of navigating yield opportunities in DeFi. Our mission is to democratize DeFi for everyone by providing best-in-class automated liquidity management, powered by AI.

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