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Venture Capital fund shakes up Global DeepTech investments


The world’s largest USD 500 million digitally securitized DeepTech fund is on a mission to revolutionize DeepTech investments and empower frontier technology advances to improve our world

Tokyo, 19th December 2022: Nemesis Technologies, a pioneering venture capital fund that invests in deep technology, announces that it is on course to become the world’s largest digitally securitized fund, with significant nine-figure backing from Institutional Investors & Family Offices across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the US. 

Set up throughout 2022, Nemesis Technologies invests in radically innovative companies that are powered by the revolutions in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Advanced Materials, and Bio-Technology, specifically across 3 sectors: Clean Energy – HealthTech – Network Infrastructure & Connectivity.

This unique fund creates a direct link between breakthrough DeepTech entrepreneurs looking to push technological barriers to solve the world’s most pressing challenges and much-needed capital-intensive investments.  These startups, together with the investment and expertise from Nemesis, will scale to become the groundbreaking world-class, impactful, meaningful, and sustainable companies of tomorrow.

Nemesis has been founded by a Japan-based former Carlyle Group Private Equity Investment professional, Pierre Mauries.  Pierre previously managed various investment vehicles, cross-border merger and acquisition transactions, and post-merger integration, in excess of USD 2 billion+.  He is also recognized as a bold digital pioneer across alternative finance.

“This is just the most critical time to be championing DeepTech. It really is an age of life and planet-changing advances – but only if the greatest brains working on sustainable frontier technology solutions for the future have the funding to develop and prove the worth of their innovations” stressed Pierre Mauries, Founder, General Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Nemesis Technologies.

The DeepTech sector has recently seen impressive growth, with global investment in this space quadrupling in recent years, rising from $15 billion in 2016 to $60 billion in 2020. Today, the median DeepTech unicorn takes $115 million of capital and 5.2 years to get there, and with 120 recent DeepTech unicorns with a combined value of $463 billion, the sector is primed for further growth and disruption.

Mauries continued, “We aim to add much more liquidity by connecting new investors with hundreds of million-dollar opportunities within this growing sector. The potential for DeepTech to have a profound impact on our World is huge and expanding exponentially.”

The fund has offices in all major trading centers, with global and local operations driven from its Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and New York City offices. Nemesis has also established an impressive suite of non-executive Board members and advisors who, together, bring world-class expertise in key DeepTech technologies, such as biopharma, clean energy, carbon pricing, quantum computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning, digital ledger technologies, and cybersecurity

Katherine Verrier-Frechette has recently been appointed as Managing Partner and Global Head of DeepTech Solutions at Nemesis. A Venture Capital leader in DeepTech, she is a former management consultant with McKinsey & Company and a former senior Canadian diplomat. Katherine brings a shared philosophy to Nemesis Technologies – to improve the lives of many. 

“Solving the world’s most pressing challenges and leveraging DeepTech to do so is really what Nemesis is all about.  With the right mix of enthusiasm, brain power, and investment in DeepTech solutions, we can make the critical corrective shifts to improve the lives of many and the state of our planet.  Investors are following Nemesis in this important mission confirming that the age of DeepTech is now!” Verrier-Frechette commented.

About Nemesis Technologies

Nemesis Technologies is where DeepTech with concrete applications meet a revolutionary digital securitization investment platform. 

We invest in radically innovative companies developing the technologies of tomorrow across three verticals: Clean Energy, HealthTech, Network Infrastructure and Connectivity. Our portfolio companies are powered by the revolutions in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Advanced Materials, and Bio-Technology.

With global and local operations driven from  Tokyo, Hong Kong, London & New York offices, we are the largest digitally securitized VC fund in the World, enabling Investors & Portfolio Companies a seamless and dual-liquidity experience, that no other firms can.

About the GP

Pierre Mauries, Founder, General Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Pierre is a Private Equity & Venture Capital Investment professional with more than 15yrs of experience working with Hedge Funds, Asset Management Power Houses & Management Consulting Firms, with extensive knowledge and expertise in portfolio management, cross-border M&A transactions, leveraged buyouts, mezzanine funding, and post-merger integration in excess of $2bn+.

Pierre has a bachelor’s in Math & Physics from H.E.C. “Grandes Ecoles” in Paris, and is a graduate of Economics & Financial Engineering (M.Sc.) from The London School of Economics & Political Science, with a double major in Geopolitics. He has also obtained an advanced Diploma in AI & Blockchain Strategic Implications from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

He has dedicated the last decade to Alternative Investments Digital Securities advocacy and DeepTech innovation in the fields of Clean Technologies, Digital Healthcare infrastructure, and International Security & Defense.

Katherine Verrier-Frechette – Managing Partner and Global Head of DeepTech Solutions

Katherine is a senior leader who is inspired by and works in, Venture Capital & Private Equity, specifically in the DeepTech sector with the aim to improve the lives of many.  She is the former Managing Director for the Middle East of Awz Ventures Inc., a leading Canadian Venture Capital Hub investing in security solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and DeepTech. Previously, Katherine was a Strategy Consultant at McKinsey & Co., and a senior diplomat for the Government of Canada.  Her knowledge and experience will be instrumental in shaping Nemesis’s revolutionary USD 500mn investment vehicle that will advance the technologies and founders of tomorrow.

About the Board of non-executive Directors

Dr. Tomomi Tanaka, Ph.D. – Chief Economic Advisor

Tomomi is a former senior economist at The World Bank where she led a team of economists to develop macroeconomics simulation models of job creation and private sector development.  Throughout her career, she has also advised several governments on economic growth and private sector development.

Christian Cosquer – Chief Security Advisor

An expert in Global Civilian & Military Information Systems, cyber security, and strategic security intelligence, he has been advising and supporting several Government-led innovative Cybersecurity and Additive Manufacturing startups globally, and was recently leading various European strategic intelligence programs.

Jody Ono – Chief Leadership Advisor

Developing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders and teams, Jody is a Specially Appointed Professor at Hitotsubashi ICS, Hitotsubashi University Business School, Japan’s #1-ranked global MBA. She also serves as an Outside Director for Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd., appointed in 2019 as the company’s first female and first non-Japanese director.

Joseph Girard – Chief Marketing Officer

A marketing expert, having worked for global giants like L’Oreal, Unilever, and Danone, Joseph brings a wealth of brand, product, and digital marketing experience. He also ran his own successful business for several years. In addition, Joseph is passionate about the environment and how new technology can pave the way to better human nature.

Nemesis has also appointed a series of Advisors who are experts in their respective fields:

  • Dr. Yukiko Asaeda – Health Tech & Biopharma
  • Mr. Vianney Mathonnet – AI & Blockchain Infrastructure
  • Mr. Bryant Cruse – Space & Defense
  • Mr. Laurent Depus – Cross-border Capital Markets
  • Dr. Meera Sarma – International Cybersecurity
  • Mr. Hiroshi Habuka – Global Digital Governance

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