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The IOSCO World Investor Week kicks off with a call to enhance investor education and promote investor protection


The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is celebrating the sixth annual World Investor Week (WIW) from 3 to 9 October 2022, focusing on innovations that are reshaping the marketplace, such as sustainable finance and crypto assets, and on the current challenging environment that requires enhancing investor resilience.

The campaign started this week with different global and regional launching events, such as the Ring the Bell Ceremonies for Financial and Investor Education in New Zealand and Poland, and video messages in Japan and France, ahead of other regional kick-off events in Angola and Brazil.

As in previous years, different participants will be conducting a range of activities to promote investor education and investor protection, including securities regulators, financial authorities, market participants and financial industry associations, international organizations, universities and other organizations representing civil society. The G20 Presidency of Indonesia also supports the WIW.

As part of this campaign, the IOSCO WIW is delivering Key Messages, in plain English, relating to investor resilience, sustainable finance, crypto assets, and frauds and scams prevention, to facilitate the understanding by retail investors and the general public of some basic points regarding these topics.

Martin Moloney, Secretary General of IOSCO, said: “IOSCO is pleased to support a global campaign that promotes investor education as a way to enhance investor protection and confidence in the market. Investors need to understand and trust the market to do business and take advantage of the financial products and services it offers, with a view to increase their financial well-being, plan for the future, and remain financially resilient. Regulation and supervision are necessary, but financial literacy rounds out this work.

Jose Vasco (CVM Brazil), WIW Working Group Coordinator, said: “Investor education is a must in a marketplace in which the financial products and services available to retail investors continue to evolve and become more complex. Investor behaviour needs to adapt to this ever-changing market, and this requires knowledge and understanding, which regulators, market participants and other interested parties could facilitate. The IOSCO WIW is promoting this collective effort.

The WIW website provides additional details on the activities taking place during the campaign. Due to the challenges that Covid-19 still poses to jurisdictions, some participants will conduct their WIW-related activities during the weeks of their choice in October and November 2022. Their information is available at the WIW website.

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