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Moviecoin․com to Transform Movie Financing on Blockchain


–       NFTs and blockchain create first-of-its-kind movie funding platform, set to revolutionize the movie industry

–      The launch kicks off with a reduced cost seeding round for early-bird investors on January 10th and an impressive road map rich in utility from there on in

–       Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson top the bill as stars appearing in blockbusters part-funded by new platform

This week brand-new crowdfunding platform announces its Initial DEX Offering, giving early-bird investors a chance to invest in a ground-breaking platform which is set to revolutionize funding in the global movie industry.

By combining the technology of NFTs and blockchain, has created a first-of-its-kind funding platform, tokenizing movie investment into unique one-of-a-kind NFTs rich in utility; with profit rights attached for mid to long term investors.

Finance for the film industry typically derives from large film production studios, wealth funds, and private equity investors who often claim full artistic control of the creative and narrative. The launch of will enable directors and producers to claim back creative freedom, exposure and expression – and for lesser-known directors and producers to have their movies funded.

With an impressive road map being rolled out at launch, from March is giving fans a chance to own a unique part of movie history, and to create some passive income for as little as $10. This will include an exclusive NFT sale of the movie ‘Prizefighter’ featuring Russel Crowe and Ray Winstone.

The move will give investors unparalleled control over the movies they wish to see created and to enjoy the benefits of the movie’s wider success, whilst movie makers are able to open the doors of funding to their fans.

Unlike any other service before it, is giving investors the right to receive an equal share of profits of each movie relative to their initial investment, alongside the potential for unlimited profit-share of the movie forever.

The new business venture is chaired by Jamie Jessop ex head of film finance from Ingenious, a specialist investment firm with extensive expertise in media and movie financing, along with serial tech entrepreneurs James Mackie and Daniel Pittack who sold their cloud tech business on AIM for 8 figures.

Ray Winstone & Matt Hookings from upcoming blockbuster PrizeFighter – due to be part funded by

Daniel Pittack says: “Our Movie Coin DEX offering presents a unique opportunity for investors to reap benefits of the success of in the mid to long term, and to play a hand in democratizing the problem surrounding funding in the movie industry.”

“We’re seeing an increasing appetite from investors for these sorts of utility rich investment options and are proud to be giving more power to both movie fans and movie makers as part of this process. The response we’ve seen from market experts and the support from the wider film industry has been incredible.”

On January 10th launched an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for early investors with 5 million $MOVIE coins distributed to investors. The Initial DEX Offering will be available HERE, with further information of the product road map available HERE.

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