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Gold investing reinvented with first ever yield


By distributing profits from transaction fees, Kinesis provides a genuine low-risk alternative to investors at a time of uncertainty and heightened risk among traditional investments 

30th September, London: Today, Kinesis Money, the monetary system based on 1:1 allocated gold and silver, launches its Holder’s Yield, whereby a portion of the yield pool, currently valued at $17.5 million, will be distributed every month to people who hold gold and silver with Kinesis. 

Until now, revenue amassed from the trading or investment in gold was speculative and subject to market fluctuations. Kinesis offers a competitive alternative, with a yield-sharing model that allows participants to increase their holdings of gold and silver, by paying a yield of 15% of overall transaction costs back to them each month. 

This unique yield system makes Kinesis the only logical place to own gold, as Kinesis stores its metals in world-leading non-bank vaults and covers all storage and insurance costs on behalf of Kinesis users. Gold investors who switch to Kinesis can earn a yield on all gold holdings, as opposed to paying monthly fees like storage and insurance.

The Holder’s Yield combines the stable, enduring value of physical gold with a revolutionary model wherein users can earn a risk-free yield based on the mutual sharing of transaction fees as well as get access to its native trading exchange for a complete metals portfolio management solution.

Importantly, as inflation begins to soar globally, The Holder’s Yield, paid out monthly in gold and silver, offers a virtually inflation-proof model for the creation of a fortified digital asset portfolio, designed for inherent growth and persistent value – an unmatched way of safeguarding wealth in today’s unpredictable economic climate.

Marking a pivotal turning-point for the precious metals industry, gold has never been more accessible than at this very moment; Kinesis has taken gold, one of the most stable stores of value, and transformed the banking infrastructure surrounding the once hoarded, impracticable asset, so that it can be transacted like any other currency intended for mainstream uptake. 

Cementing what is an industry first, the Holder’s Yield is just the second of five yields that Kinesis will be bringing online over the course of 2021/2022, making Kinesis gold and silver one of the most exciting investments in the precious metals space in the last decade.

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis, says:

“We’re calling on gold investors to make the switch to Kinesis. The Holder’s Yield is not just an industry first, it’s an economic first that renders traditional methods of storing gold obsolete. The yield that we distribute is based purely on transaction fees, meaning it can only generate a positive return – and with our growth, this will only keep growing. By turning the economic model on its head, and distributing some of our profits, we are creating a fairer and more ethical environment for our users to promote and encourage the use of digital gold.”

Andrew Maguire, Director of Kinesis, says: 

“What we’re witnessing here is truly revolutionary for the precious metals industry. It’s unheard of; a yield system based on usage and transaction fee sharing is the solution to risky trading strategies and debt-based loan systems where people’s investments are at risk. And guess what? It’s just the beginning.”

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