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Fintech-Aviv does it again. The Annual Summit where Tech and Banking collide.


During the pandemic you may have seen several posts about developments in the Israel Tech scene as well as insights into what the team at Fintech-Aviv are working on.

Fintech-Aviv have been organizing the Annual Summit for many years now, helping bring together Startups, Investors and Corporations as part of the FinTech Week in Tel-Aviv. The organizers have facilitated and arranged 80 events so far, all of Fintech-Aviv’s events are free for those interested in learning more.

This year is no different, except that it is.

While the rest of us are still struggling to exit lockdown in many countries, things in Israel have been progressing rather faster than most countries. Especially when it comes to the new ‘normal’.

Next week the global FinTech community will be able to experience not only the latest stories to affect FinTech, but experience what the new ‘normal’ might look like too.

Tal Sharon of Equitech shared some important background to the Summit with #DisruptionBanking:

“FinTech-Aviv – the Israeli FinTech Association, was incepted in 2014  by Equitech and has become the leading FinTech community in Israel. Globally there are not many FinTech communities as big as ours, we have over 30,000 members from across the world. Our mission is to provide our members quality content in themed, professional curated events. The Annual Summit is a FinTech Celebration, where we host leading international experts to discuss the future trends in FinTech.

“The last Annual Summit we hosted just before restrictions were put in place due to Covid. It was the last large event before Face 2 Face events were prohibited. We hosted over 1,000 participants, 40 international speakers and many FinTech companies.

“We have tried to bring the best user experience as possible for the latest Annual Summit. Attendees will be given the nearest thing to ‘real life’. We have implemented a platform that will allow high engagement between attendees and speakers, offering the physical feeling but on a digital platform.

“We have secured an event for speakers for now, as we look forward to the return of Face 2 Face events where everyone can attend together again in the future.” Tal concludes.

For more details or if you want to attend, then you can register here.

The Summit Agenda

10:00 – Opening Remarks by Nir Netzer, Founding Partner, Equitech and Tal Sharon, Managing Partner, Equitech

10:20 – FinTech Innovation in the Cloud by Ilan Leiferman, VC & Featuring Startups Business Development, AWS

10:40 – Fireside Chat – Creating Successful FinTech Partnerships by Tal Sharon hosting Toby Smith-Cullen, FinTech Lead, ING

10:55 – Panel Discussion – The Year of FinTech with: 

  • Shahar Friedman, Head of Innovation, Visa
  • Ornit Shinar, Head of Innovation and Venture Investing, Citi
  • Yael Waisbourd-Sucary, Head of Innovation, Discount Bank

11:20 – Fireside Chat – The First SEC Registered Token IPO by Nir Netzer hosting Shai Datika, Founder & President, INX 

11:35 – Panel Discussion – Client Engagement: Improving your Conversion Rates by Nir Netzer hosting:

  • Gil Shapira, VP of Business Development, Telemessage
  • Shlomi Orgad, Head of FinTech, Facebook
  • Harel Falk, VP of Sales & Business Development, Solitics
  • Joel Petino, CEO, BD Strategy Partners

12:00 – Reducing Digital Bank Onboarding Risks by Aravind Narayan, Global Director, Refinitiv

12:15 – How to Unleash the Power of your Web 3rd-Party Applications by Idan Cohen, CEO, Reflectiz  

12:25 – The Composable Bank: How Leading Banks Leverage Existing Assets in Digital Transformation by Romi Stein, CEO & Co-Founder, OpenLegacy 

12:35 – Panel Discussion – Trends in Consumer Finance: The Age of FinTech by Nir Netzer hosting:

  • Uri Yarden, Founder & CEO, USA Mortgages
  • Assaf Binstok, Co-Founder & CEO, BeeEye

13:00 – Panel Discussion – The International FinTech Landscape by Nir Netzer hosting:

  • Khalid Dannish, CEO, Bahrain FinTech Bay
  • Andrew Samu, Editor, Disruption Banking
  • Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO, Copenhagen FinTech
  • Gaurav Singhal, Mumbai FinTech

13:25 – Defense Paradigms in Warfare and Cybersecurity by Roy Zinman, CEO, Brandefender

13:35 – The 4 Payment Trends for 2021 (And Their Fraud Implications) by Ziv Cohen, CEO, Paygilant

13:45 – Panel Discussion – FinTech Investment Trends by Tal Sharon hosting:

  • Leon Saunders Calvert, Head of Research & Portfolio Management, LSEG
  • Ido Shomrony, Partner & FinTech Lead, Shibolet
  • Jonas Wenke, Senior Associate, CommerzVentures
  • Irit Kahan, Partner & Head of Israel, DTCP

14:10 – Fireside Chat – New Banking Era: Open Banking and Banking as a Service by Tal Sharon hosting Anna Maj, FinTech Leader, CreativeLink

​14:25 – Fireside Chat – Bridging the Gaps between FinTechs and Giants by Nir Netzer hosting Elad Stefansky, Co-Owner, The Bridge​

14:35 – Frictionless Commercial Lending: Converting Financial Statements into Actionable Insights by Ariel Resnik, CEO, Paretix

14:45 – How Automated Decision Making Processes Will Change Our Lives by Roy Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO, Fetcherr 

14:55 – Fireside Chat – The Rise of Decentralized Finance and Advancing Financial Innovation by Shelly Friedman, FinTech Lead, Hassans and Anna Stone, Head of Strategy, Etoro

15:10 – Panel Discussion – InsurTech Trends in Partnership with Deloitte Catalyst by Itamar Nevo hosting:

  • Bernard Tubiana, Principal, Deloitte Catalyst
  • Kenneth Mischel, Founder & CEO, WakeUp
  • Gil Sadis, VP of Product, Lemonade
  • Omri Yacubovich, VP of Business Development & Marketing, Plank

15:35 – Fireside Chat – When De-Risking Creates Additional Risk: Corresponding Banking as a Revenue Generator by Izhar Arieli, CEO, Tenurex and John Walsh, CEO, SightSpan

15:50 – Fireside Chat – New Ways of Entering the US Capital Market: SPAC, IPO and Direct Listing by Tal Sharon hosting Alex Ibrahim, NYSE

16:05 – Visibility to Enable Effective RegTech by Yaron Hazan, VP of Regulatory Affairs, ThetaRay

16:15 – Own, Control and Monetize Payments and Financial Services by Yoav Chernitz, CMO, Unispass

​16:25 – Alternative Engagement as the New Norm: Rapid Transition to Virtual Connection by Yoval Moed, CEO, Eazyshow

​16:40 – Closing Remarks by Nir Netzer, Founding Partner, Equitech and Tal Sharon, Managing Partner, Equitech

Author: Andy Samu

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