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Qatar Fintech Accelerator & Sync. expands into the Middle East


A few weeks ago we brought our readers an exclusive interview with Ricky Lee of sync. where he gave us a sneak preview into some of the plans of sync. Today we can tell you more!

Today, the PR team at sync. released a note to announce their move into the Middle East Market. They were selected to be part of the highly competitive first-ever Qatar Fintech Accelerator, which starts today.

As part of the program, sync. plans to open an office in Qatar in the coming months. They will use it as a base to launch their Middle Eastern operations in early 2021, with a focus on the Qatar World Cup in 2022. They are the only European-based Fintech currently expanding to the Middle East.

More than 350 Fintechs expressed their interest in the Qatar Fintech Accelerator, run by the Qatar Development Bank and Qatar Fintech Hub, with only 13 of the most advanced companies chosen. sync. is the only UK Fintech included, alongside startups from Qatar, Singapore, Canada, Brazil and more.

The Accelerator is a 12-week program designed to support mature Fintechs with a proven product that are looking to expand globally. It focuses on facilitating collaboration between startups and key partners and brands in Qater.

Ricky Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of sync., said: “We’re proud to be part of the first-ever Qatar Fintech Accelerator. We launched across Europe in August 2020 and we are excited that the Accelerator will allow us to expand our product to Qatar very soon.”

sync. is currently operating across Europe and has offices in London, UK and Malaga, Spain.

Find out more at or download the app for iPhone,
Android or Huawei

Author: Andy Samu

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