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We have seen huge fluctuations in capital markets throughout 2020. To keep the markets open throughout the lockdown, companies had to move masses of employees to work from home creating a whole new list of regulatory requirements.

Lee Garf, the General Manager for NICE Actimize’s Compliance line of business which includes everything related to trade conversations and trade transactions at financial institutions, speaks with #DisruptionBanking.

The answers are very rarely inside the building,” Lee shares, going on to explain that the team at NICE Actimize: “Meet with customers to understand the problems that they are facing, the challenges that they have, and then from that determine comprehensive interesting solutions that can add value in the market.

The team work closely with Regulators too, as Lee continues: “We have a team that works with regulators to understand how regulations will evolve in order to anticipate what the market will need. As a result of changing regulation we have expanded a lot of the solutions we already have in the market, and we are looking at new and interesting types of risk. A lot of that relies on machine learning, artificial intelligence and NLP to identify potential issues.

We use Natural Language Processing to help with transcription. Speech-to-Text is well over 90% already. And with the increase in accuracy comes an increase in voice recordings from 2% to almost 100% coverage leading to a safer environment for financial institutions.”

To find out more about how Lee and the team work with trading customers, follow the link to YouTube below:

You may also download a complimentary copy of ‘How to Ensure Remote Trading Compliance‘ from the NICE Actimize website here.

Details about the FCA Senior Managers and Certificaion Regime

Details about the SEC Regulation Best Interest

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