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Talking about UX Design with Ergomania from Hungary


On a lovely Summer day in Amsterdam back in June 2019, hot on the heels of a marathon 3-day Money 2020 event the editorial team of #DisruptionBanking met some of the most innovative players of the Fintech scene at the Kriek Banking Forum, including Ergomania.

Back then the talk was all about how many customers your bank or your fintech StartUp can gain in the quickest space of time, with Revolut taking on the might of banks such as ING. Other themes that were dominating the banking scene were stories like Adyen and Stripe who have made huge in-roads into how consumer-led businesses work with Banks.

The importance of UX Design has dramatically changed in 2020 and not just because of the dreaded Virus, but because of things like changing travel patterns and people’s approach to money in general.

Revolut is still one of the benchmarks for UX Design in both Banking and Fintech, whilst companies such as Bunq are also leaders. Andras Rung from Ergomania explains this in more detail in our #DisruptionChat this week.

Andras and his team have helped some of the biggest banks in Europe with their UX Design. They have gathered an immense amount of knowledge about the European Banking landscape whilst helping customers navigate the new reality of Open Banking.

To hear more about what Ergomania do, click the video below:

For more details about how Ergomania have helped leading companies design their digital product, click on their company presentation below:

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