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Talking about ‘Neos’ and Data in Australia with Backbase


Backbase was set up in the Netherlands about 12 years ago and have steadily expanded their business across the world with Australia being their latest market.

Malcolm MacNaughtan joins #DisruptionChat to share more details about “Neos” in Australia and how Open Banking regulations there are affecting digital technology offerings that Banks currently operate with.

The Australian banking market is facing a number of challenges related to data. Storing and managing the data is a challenge, the other one is to connect the digital touchpoints through which employees and customers communicate. The second challenge is where Backbase helps companies by providing an open platform with a set of tools to help them better use their companies’ data.

Companies like 86400, Hay and Revolut all growing their presence in Australia, but only 86400 are so far lending which means the market has a lot of space to grow.

Find out more about what BackBase is doing in Australia and how consumers there will have their digital experience improved:

For the latest research on the Asia Pacific market with Backbase’s association, you can download using the link below:

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