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Talking Luxury Goods and Blockchain with Surge from Italy #DisruptionChat


Every now and again it’s good to step out of our Comfort Zone and look at other use cases for disruptive technologies like Blockchain.

Especially with travel routes, airport shopping and the High Street reopening.

How will the luxury brands that we all know so well, use technologies like Blockchain? Imagine a QR Code embedded into your next Gucci bag, or into your next Cartier watch? It is pretty much guaranteed it will be completed tastefully and the counterfeit market will have a completely new challenge to overcome.

Of course, there is the problem of integration with SAP and other ERP legacy systems and mutual trust by consensus between different members of the supply chain, but now maybe even smaller companies can have access to modules that enable digital lean collaboration and interact more efficiently with the likes of SAP through the Blockchain?

Want to know more?

Click below to download the latest Press Release and Company Information from Surge with more details about what they are doing:

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